3 month favs | essentials for baby #3

how in the world did i write a 3 month update yesterday?!?! that’s 1/4 of the way to a year! guys, time is
f l y i n g.
this little man is just getting better by the day and i’m soaking in all of his sweetness. when it comes to favs, we’re really just using the essentials over here. with two toddlers basically running the roost we don’t have time or space for things that aren’t a necessity…so here’s the essentials that have gotten us to this point!

for baby

love to dream swaddleUp
i am constantly raving about this swaddle to friends and literally will be giving it to any one and everyone for a shower gift for now on… it is the easiest swaddle in the world to use and by golly does mills sleep when he’s in it. we actually tried one night of him not being swaddled in this and it was kinda a disaster. while love to dream did reach out to initially send me the product, i have to say that i have since contacted them on multiple occasions thanking them for introducing me to my favorite baby product. it’s the BEST. we have also started using the 50/50 swaddleUp as we start to transition mills into his arms not being swaddled. he’s never liked having his hands totally swaddled down, which is why i love this swaddle so much..it promotes the natural sleeping position. more on the transition later…i’m excited to see how it goes!!

anchors away bandana bibs
when a sweet friend + mama asked to send mills some of her adorable bandana bibs for us to try, i was SO excited to get my hands on them and even more impressed once we tried them out!! these are super absorbent, 2-sided and even better, they grow with your babe. i had some for the girls that i bought at the store and they were too loose so drool and spit up wound up sitting on their neck, and then once they were a certain age, they just didn’t fit. for teething babes, she also will sew a teething corner right on the bib for easy access to a soft teether that you won’t have to worry about falling on the floor.  you can mix and match patterns, get them with or without a teether and she’ll even embroider them with a name…such a sweet little baby shower gift….or if you’re like me, you might need to buy every single pattern.

if you’ve been around at all you know my love for our dockAtot  and it’s still ringing true, if not growing even deeper, ha! we use it everywhere, anywhere he can be supervised and i need a safe place for him to hang. he’s still sleeping in bed with us, but we have started naps in the crib and will be transitioning him soon at night as well. we’ve washed it quite a few times in the last 3 months and it washes up perfectly, looking good as new! i just don’t have enough good things to say about it… i could go on and on.

bouncer + swing
we had two different bouncers when the girls were little and this was by far my favorite for those first few months. i found a lot of bouncers are too much of a ‘seat’ and needed a lot of propping for the babes to keep their head in a good position and stay safe…this one has the perfect incline and while i don’t love the little toys that hang down…mainly because they’re out of reach and kinda boring, although cute.. i can still attach other toys and mills loves to bat at them! honestly, i find the music settings on these things pointless and don’t ever use them, but i do like the bouncing….and side note, ALWAYS make sure to use that setting {or vibration} on the floor where they can’t fall down! we have a similar swing to the one i linked to {just different colors} and while it does take up quite a bit of space, i like that it can be plugged in rather than running on batteries.

play gym
a friend gave this to us as a hand-me-down when the girls were little and it’s a hit again with mills! i like this one because it’s small enough and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space…which is fantastic when we have a bazillion toys sprawled out all over our family room. mills has really started kicking his feet and has full on conversations with himself in the mirror…if you haven’t caught some of his adorable coo’s on my instagram stories…you’re missing out. he has an awful lot to say!! the only thing that would make this play gym better was if it somehow folded up easily…it’s kinda a pain to fold up so it has permanent residence in our family room right now.

goldenhill design
you guys have seen the girls in every single design and have no fear, i’m just obsessed with the baby boy stuff too!! he lives in these muscle tanks and i can’t wait to get my hands on the long-sleeved body suits as well. they’re perfect for layering, wash up like i’ve never seen and grow with your babe to last for multiple sizes.

lamaze toys
these were my favorite toys with the girls and i was excited to pull them back out for miller! they’re cute, they hold up great and honestly still look like new…and they’ve been through twins. mortimer the moose is my favorite, while miller’s is piper’s princess {it’s SO cute…he’ll talk to her for a solid 15 minutes}, and lila’s favorite was the dragon + the buggie!

for mama

solly + lillebaby
we occasignally share space. and when i say occasionally, i mean we are rarely outside of the house without him attached to my body… and let’s be honest, i wear him most of the day at home too. i had the ergo, ring sling and moby with the girls, but, they were pink + purple, so when my mom bought me the solly wrap for mills, i almost fell over when i put it on. it’s SO soft, and sooo much lighter than the moby. it just doesn’t feel as bulky or like there’s as much material. i find it way easier to manage and in the summer months, i was so thankful to have something lighter weight. and they’re adorable prints…the fall line has me wanting about 12 more. if we’re running to the store, i typically will tie it before i leave the house so i’m not dragging it all over the parking lot when we arrive. for those more active outings, hiking, or if i need to throw something on super quick to play in the backyard, i will clip my lillebaby on… guys. this is the best soft structured carrier.my favorite part is the neck support that it offers… scary story: i was walking down our porch steps and tripped on one of the steps {grace is my middle name} and fell face first down 3 steps onto concrete, while wearing miller. i banged up my ankle, knees and hands pretty well but miller was safe because of the neck support. not that you buy a product just in case you fall…ha, but honestly, it’s super supportive and so easy to wear even for long periods of time.

medela breast pump
i started pumping at night after buddy’s last feeding and while i absolutely hated having to pull this sucker back out, it’s still a necessary evil if you’re going to be away from your baby for a feeding…unless you use formula.

like i said, we’re pretty easy over here… that’s honestly about all we’re really using for mills these days…aside from the obvious copious amounts of diapers and wipes…

disclosure: affiliate links are included in this post but do not affect purchase price in any way. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own. thank you so, so much for your continued support!

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  1. I’ve seen all of these favorites work firsthand so I know you couldn’t do without them!!! Me too! Life is easier for sure!

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