five years | anniversary

. f i v e years.
it’s been five years with this handsome guy and i totally totally sucked it up in the wife department this year. be it kids or traveling or w.h.a.t.e.v.e.r, i dropped the ball…so here i am, an entire month later and i’m talking all about why i love this man.

. o n e .
you put laundry away.
ok, probably not all that important…but the reason behind it is.. you’d do anything to make me happy, including my least favorite chore in the world. the stupid jokes, the dishes, dancing around. anything to bring a smile to my face, you’d do it in a heartbeat. you have a servant heart and you put your family above all else, to a fault sometimes. those calloused hands, the ‘boo-boo’s’ all over your legs and arms, it’s all to serve us.

. t w o .
you sing songs to our kids…and me.
you’re the picture perfect example of loving life and having a good time. you sing worship songs, made up songs, clean up songs, justin bieber, abc’s, country and more…basically anything to get them to eat, dance, clean up, smile and gain confidence in their speech. throw in some dance moves and singing with daddy has become one of the most fun activities in the house and miller is catching on quickly. you always show them there’s fun to be had in even the most mundane tasks and life’s always better in song. from our vows on, i’ll always remember your songs.

. t h r e e .
you’re the leader of our house.
i simply can’t imagine life without you and you’ve given me 3 of the greatest gifts in our lives. you’re strength and optimism has gotten us through some of the biggest challenges life can thrown and i wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else by my side. our walk with the Lord has been one of my favorite stories to watch unfold and seeing you lead our house to love Jesus makes me most proud.

. f o u r .
we make the best team, ever.
goodness gracious i think we’d be done with by now if we didn’t work as a team…we’ve been through more in 5 years than i think most do in a lifetime and when asked how we do it, it’s always ‘teamwork’. we fail on so many levels and showing each other grace and knowing that we always, always have our families best interest in mind is what keeps us grounded. so flawed and where one of us fails, the other steps up in strength. if nothing else, i think our stubbornness will always get us through… you’re my best friend and you always make me a better person.

. f i v e .
you love me for exactly who i am.
there have been so many times i have looked at you and wondered what you see in’ve seen me at my worst and you love me through it. you’ve never asked me to change and you always meet me halfway. you know my flaws, my makeup-less, haven’t showered in 4 days, sweats days, eating cereal + ramen for dinner…you love me through it. i can always be myself with you, showing you my goofy, awkward self and know i will always be accepted and loved.

i love you, babe.

four year anniversary


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12 thoughts on “five years | anniversary

  1. Amazing reflections! I love that you look back at the most important parts of your journey so far! ????

    1. You guys are a wonderful expample to everyone 🙂 Thankful for the last 5 years for you guys! I could look at those photos everyday and never get tired!:)

  2. These pictures are beautiful, and your post was completely heart-warming. Wishing you many more years of happiness!

  3. This is one of the most incredibly beautiful expressions of loving that I have ever seen put into word pictures❣️❣️❣️ These photographs are absolutely amazing ‼️

  4. don’t let her lie to you guys, the luckiest fella around is this guy. she allows me to live our love song*( wedding song). thank you so much for your kind words. You are one beautiful women who is a great role model for our children, partner in crime and a part of my life that i cannot live without. i love you.

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