the big sisters meet baby miller

it’s been a whole week since our sweet baby miller came into the world.  while it didn’t quite turn out exactly as planned and we didn’t get to have the VBAC we hoped {more on that to come later..i’m working on his birth story!}, we’re so blessed to have had such a short NICU stay and a healthy baby boy at home with us. we’ve been home since monday and it feels so good to be snuggling this precious baby boy as i type up this post.
i just couldn’t wait any longer to share this special moment and it could be one of my most proud moments as a mama.

my big girls, the big sisters, meeting their baby brother, miller.

miller had been discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit and was in our room and we were actually going to be discharged later that day.  i had been so sick and with the craziness of miller in nicu, we thought it would be best to wait for the girls to meet him until we were in a more ‘normal’ state.

i had been anticipating this moment since the girls really started to understand that there was a baby in my belly..and while i still think it’s all settling in, i was emotional every time i thought about this moment.

..and it was perfect..

i so badly wish i had more pictures when the girls were so small, but our reality was just different with them.  this felt so normal, so natural, and filled with so. much. love.
i could hear their little voices coming down the hall and seeing their sweet smiles as they came running into the room…man alive, the tears are still coming. the two proudest big sisters and in that moment i swear they became so much older. so mature, so caring, so sweet and lovey.

lila came running in, chatting away about her baby ‘buvah, mi-ya’, while ducky cautiously climbed up on the bed and wanted me… completely opposite of what i thought would happen, it was in that moment that we sat as a family of 5, doting over our newest addition. the girls pointed out each facial feature, kissed him head to toe and tried tirelessly to give him his pacifier.
so. much. love. and our little family is complete. we couldn’t be more in love and are soaking up each and every second of this crazy circus.
welcome to the fam, mills.

** a GINORMOUS thank you to amanda d. photography for capturing one of the most special moments as a mama**

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21 thoughts on “the big sisters meet baby miller

  1. Waterworks,…….I’m so in love with these photos! I pray this was a wonderful week at your house. ?❤️??????

  2. How sweet! He is beautiful. Love the pictures. Congratulations!!!

  3. These photos are absolutely precious! Miller is so sweet! Congrats to you and your family!

  4. Oh my goodness – this is just precious! Congrats and enjoy that new sweet baby!

  5. So precious! These pictures are wonderful! Congratulations! Such a sweet family. It’s so fun to see the big sisters meet your darling son. I love the fingers and toes!

  6. Perfect! So happy for you guys, can’t wait to meet that little guy !

  7. Ahh he is so precious! Congratulations! That was such an emotional moment for me – watching the older siblings meet their new sibling. It gives me chills! So precious!

  8. This is the sweetest post! We just had our third son a couple of weeks ago and this post has me feeling allthefeeeels. Congrats on your sweet baby boy!

  9. Congratulations to you all, and thanks for sharing your difficult but intimate story of Miller’s birth…certainly one of the most difficult 24+ hours of your lives, but God is good…and good things come to those who wait! All the fun has just begun! Enjoy!

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