Weekend Roundup

Happy Leap Day, ya’ll! We kicked off the weekend with a much needed date night in! After 7.5 months (who’s counting?!) of being dairy and soy free for the girls, we finally have successfu... Read More

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday! Just keep the coffee comin… We had a fairly uneventful weekend full of sickness over here and this momma is READY for some healthy babes! Poor Lila has been fighting the adenovirus... Read More

L & P: 9 months…

9 months…Where has the time gone?! Is it just me or does 9 months sound toddler-ish? These two are getting so big and full of life…their smiles are stealing my heart every day.  So much h... Read More


Welcome to Cline Country Musings! Zach and I have been married for 3.5 wonderful and adventurous years and are the proud parents of these two nuggets, Lila and Piper! I recently took a hiatus as a Bo... Read More