baby month | miller’s maternity photoshoot

it’s june…somehow i missed this earlier, but we’re in the final countdown + it’s baby month!!
the last few weeks became so crazy busy, we literally couldn’t find a time to take family maternity pictures, but it worked out perfectly because i have two of the most special moments documented… a sister maternity shoot specifically for the girls to celebrate them becoming big sisters, and then a special intimate shoot with the most important man in my life.
we’ve been non-stop talking about how special this little boy is, our dreams for him as he enters into this family and the love he is already surrounded by.
nothing can prepare your heart for mamahood and i’m spending these last few days of pregnancy soaking up every little hiccup, kick and roll with our baby boy safely inside my belly.
this man right here… he’s given me everything i could ever dream of… i wish words could do any sort of justice for the love and appreciation i have for the most incredible daddy who works so hard to provide for our family.
if this little baby has any ounce of his daddy in him, we are in for some big trouble.

maternity shoot

country maternity shoot

can we talk about this belly for a hot second.
i’m huge. miller is huge… there’s actually been some concern regarding his size and we’ve had a couple of extra check ups and ultrasounds to monitor his growth…everything keeps coming back with the same results…he’s 100% healthy and just a big baby. we’ll take it!
it’s actually pretty ironic considering we’ve never truly experienced baby chunk + rolls and more so, have had to worry about piper gaining weight… this is almost a welcomed change of pace, other than the logistics of delivery.

maternity skirt

rustic maternity photoshoot

outside maternity pictures

pregnancy pictures

country pregnancy pictures

maternity shoot

our sweet baby miller… we are so excited to meet you, we can hardly stand it… we pray for you daily and your big sisters can’t wait to hold you and kiss every inch of your body.  you will be smothered in more lovies than you could ever dream, but you’ll have the most loyal sidekicks in the world.

we love you, little man.

heart maternity shoot

a huge thank you to bill stone photography and jungle red salon making me feel beautiful!!

photography | bill stone photography
hair c/o | kelly at  jungle red salon
bralette | target
skirt | forever 21 {similar}

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7 thoughts on “baby month | miller’s maternity photoshoot

  1. wow you look beautiful! I love the use of these crop tops that are so trendy so you can show off your belly for the shoot! cant wait to read about babies arrival!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I wish I did maternity pictures before I had my kids. I think they are so nice to have and look back on. Good luck with baby Miller!

  3. These are all lovely photographs, my favorite is the sixth one down which is the color one of you to facing each other and kissing. Following this journey of baby Miller has been joyful for me too! God be with you as you deliver this little love. ???

  4. Precious! These are all beautiful pictures and I can just feel the love. Continue to cherish and love on each other especially after baby Miller arrives. ?

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! You will look back on these pictures and be so happy that you took these!

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