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i’m 3.5 months into our breastfeeding journey with mills and after tandem nursing twins for 10 months, i’ve learned a thing or two {mainly the hard way} along the way. i have to say, this time around has been significantly easier, for so many reasons…
2 babies vs. 1 baby
preemies vs. full term
28 days in NICU vs. 2 days in NICU
11 days old when able to breastfeed vs. latched in operating room
nurse, pump, bottle vs. exclusively at the breast
breastfed + formula vs. exclusively breastfed
mastitis x6 vs. none {holla!}

2 c o m p l e t e l y different experiences and all 3 babes have nursed very differently, as well. one thing i have learned is that breastfeeding is freaking hard. it’s never been easy for me, but i’ve been persistent and each time, we navigated the road together, learning as we went…and eventually getting the hang of it. i’ve pumped. i’ve used formula. i’ve exclusively breastfed and at the end of the day, i am a true believer that fed is best.
here’s a few tips + tricks i’ve learned along the way to make for a successful breastfeeding journey.

supportwear with blanqi

it has taken me 3 babes to get comfortable in my own skin postpartum… 2 c-sections can do some damage on your body and those first few weeks can be pretty tough. one thing i’m not sure i’ll ever forget is the back pain that comes with nursing. be it how big the girls get or posture, or a combination of both, i always wind up needing more support. when i first came across blanqi, i only had a few weeks left being pregnant with miller and i wasn’t sure i would really get a chance to wear the maternity leggings that everyone was raving about…but thennnn they launched a postpartum + nursing line and trust me when i say these are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. the highwasited support leggings + pull down nursing tank are designed for mamas just like us. seamless with gentle compression, they help to reengage your core, yet offer the comfort needed for those postpartum days. i’ve dressed them up or down, and the high waist on the leggings makes it easy to nurse discreetly in public…believe me when i say you won’t want to take them off.
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i was pretty naive and really just trying to survive nursing two babies around the clock, but when my mother in law suggested nursing while lying down during one of my bouts of mastitis, i was pretty confused. i tried it and it was awkward and i just couldn’t get the hang of doing any other position other than the usual cradle + football {how i tandem fed} holds. during one of our late night feedings in those first few weeks i was scrolling pinterest when i came across a pin of different positions and was curious… y’all are creative!! i was actually pretty excited to try out some new positions and read that different positions stimulate different ducts, helping to establish supply. who knew?! also. if you’re nursing twins, i LOVED this pillow + this one

milkful lactation bars

i have found it so much harder to keep up my calorie intake + nutrition this time around, most likely because i’m running around with my head cut off chasing toddlers all day. i had tried lactation cookies when i was looking for a way to boost my supply with the girls, but at the end of the day, i always felt guilty when i was reaching for a whole bunch of cookies. i came across milkful when searching for a healthier option and fell in love. full of wholesome goodness, i no longer feel guilty when reaching for an afternoon pick-me-up… plus they pair perfectly with a cup of 1/2 caf afternoon latte! for those of you who asked after i shared on my instastory, the maple walnut is my fav and runs about 210 cal, 5g protein and 11g fats!

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water, water, water

hands down, the most important factor in establishing and maintaining your supply is water intake. i always can tell if i haven’t kept up with my water intake by how full i feel before a feeding…and then eventually how well mills sleeps at night. i aim to get about a gallon of water in for the day, but that much in also means i’m peeing every 45 minutes-ish…small bladder probs! i tend to chug at night and am always drinking more when i get a good workout in. if you notice a drop in supply, make sure to evaluate just how much water your drinking!

patience + grace

above all else, be patient. breastfeeding is work. it’s hard. it doesn’t always go as planned and is a process. remember, your learning with your babe and it doesn’t happen over night. i’ve fought through blisters, blood, shields, mastitis, thrush… you name it. it’s hard. but so is pumping. so are bottles… you have to do what is right for you, your baby, and your family.
show yourself some grace, mama…you’re rockin this mama thing!

** a huge thank you to blanqi and milkful for providing product for my honest review. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own! **



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9 thoughts on “breastfeeding tips + tricks

  1. These are really great tips! I really enjoyed nursing our little one, but always said I have no idea how twin mamas do it! I need to try out those bars and leggings the next time around!

  2. I’m so glad nursing is going easier for you this time around!!! That makes life so much easier too! <3

  3. Patience & grace were definitely the most important things I needed when I was nursing and pumping for both of my boys. Such a challenging experience some days!

  4. WOW you are super mom! I’ve nursed all 3 of my babies but nursing twins would be SO tough. Love Blanqi too 🙂

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