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true confessions | mamahood is freaking hard sometimes…
almost 34 weeks pregnant and chasing two toddlers… it’s a rather comical sight on most occasions and these two little ladies are getting to be hillariously independent, opinionated and strong-willed little girls.  mix a hormonal mama in there and it’s a recipe for tears, laughter, and so much to be documented.
when told to put a giant glass of water down, lila looked me square in the face, smiled and dumped it on the floor.  then proceeded to throw it, shattering the glass…terrible twos…no joke.
i half-swatted her tush, sat her in timeout and then i literally locked myself in my room and cried. the ugly cry.
after pulling myself together, came out to poop. everywhere. she had then attempted to make it to the potty, pooped on the floor. stepped in it. pooped on the seat and sat in it.  bless her heart she was trying to clean it up with all the towels in the bathroom, and then put them in the potty.
poop e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

i’m currently sitting in yoga pants and a bra because the above-mentioned poop-scapades…and praying no one shows up at my door.

also currently drinking my second l a r g e cup of coffee…. i’m sure it’s somewhere under the 200mg. limit. right?.

it’s day #3 this week that the girls have taken over an hour long bath because i needed to sit. and it’s only wednesday.

every time they are in the bathroom with me anywhere, piper proudly announces, ‘mama made a biiiiiiiig poop. good job, mama!’ if i even think about correcting her, ‘no, mommy just tinkled..’ it gets even louder, ‘a REALLY BIIIIIIG POOP!!’
thanks for the encouragement, girlfriend.

at the store on monday in the checkout line, lila pulled my shirt down and yelled ‘boobies!!!’
..thank you..
just what the 18 year old boy who was checking me out wanted to see.. pregnant boobs.
pregnancy hormones are consistently getting the best of me these days. i cried watching kevin james + leah remini reunite on kevin can wait.
what. the…..ugh. embarrassingly enough, it’s true.

sleep is becoming non-existent and you can usually find me on the couch with a bowl of reese’s puffs around 4am.

i. hate. folding. laundry.
enough said.

before crawling into bed, piper grabbed my face, planted the biggest kiss right on my lips and said, ‘i wuv you, mama. come on, mama..mama snuggle, wila’s bed?’ in the midst of the hormones, i actually tried to climb into a crib…obviously failing…{again..what. the..} piper then said, ‘mama too big wila’s bed.’… yes. yes. a very pregnant mommy is too big to get into a freaking crib!!!? ay. at least i got to sit and watch and the girls snuggled in lila’s bed reading stories before crawling under.

mamahood has tested my patience for all it’s worth this week… and yet brings on the sweetest moments i never could have dreamed of… amiright?!

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29 thoughts on “confessions | pregnancy + mamahood

  1. Lindsey, this will have to go down in history as one of the best posts you have ever written. Laughter is the best medicine for anything and you provided me with so much laughter this morning. You are one of the most patient women in the world and I can’t imagine how much you’re learning about yourself and about love through this whole experience of motherhood. Keep up the good work! ??

  2. I’ve had a lot of these confessions too. Especially the laundry one. I detest folding it. Motherhood can test my patience, but it’s all worth it when the kids turn sweet.

  3. Aww, this is so sweet, hang in there momma, you’re doing great and you’re almost at the end (which is what every pregnant lady just LOVES to hear, right?!). And your number five is hilarious! (Although, I’m sure not to you…)

  4. So relatable! I have a 14 month old and am 30 weeks pregnant. It’s gets so hard to chase her but she is also at such a fun age! She is only saying one word sentences so thankfully I haven’t experienced those embarrassing moments (yet ?)

  5. You just made my week sound like I am walking in clouds. I did had to laugh a bit though, your girls are to funny! I wouldn’t trade being a mom for the world!

  6. I totally died laughing reading this. You are amazing for living life with that craziness. I keep saying I want more kids (like lots), but I only have one 8-month-old and I can’t imagine how much more complicated it gets haha…

  7. Oh man. I feel stressed just reading this; two toddlers AND one on the way? You must be Super Woman. I really enjoyed reading this, I had quite the giggle. As hectic as things may be some times I bet you wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  8. The girls are so funny. I love the personalities of the twins. I could imagine the face of the cashier. LOL. I’m sure when she gets older she’s going to blush when you tell her that story.

  9. These photos of the kids are really cute.Anyway,I can assume how hard to spend time with such active toddlers while you are pregnant.But,after all parenting is such a precious things that will keep you with great memories and adventures!You will be a proud mama once the kids are grown as responsible adults!

  10. This was great! I laughed and laughed, only because I have been there. Thanks!

  11. Holy smokes!!! What shenanigans! I was drinking while reading the part where you literally tried to climb into the crib! BWAHAHAHA! You gotta just roll with it..cry a bit, but then roll with it. I loved reading this. At least you got a good post out of all that!

  12. Laundry! Laundry! What’s laundry? I don’t know what you are talking about?!?! lol. Yeah, I hate laundry too. It’s a never ending process. Can’t they come up with faux clothing that cleans itself and then can change into any make or model or type for any occasion? What’s taking them so long?!?! lol

  13. What a fun day. This remind me of my step daughter when she play on the bath.

  14. You are blessed with such adorable kids. I can relate with your story. It reminds me when my gurl was still very young ( she is now7)

  15. My favorite is clearly #6. BOOBIES!!! You’re doing such a wonderful job with those two. Hang in there, you’re almost to the end… and then you’ll miss it. Try to sit and enjoy you and Miller while you can. Love you!!!

  16. Oh my goodness. I love reading these confessions because I am in the same place as you are minus the pregnancy. Life with twins is tough and they are giving me a run for my money right now.

    1. They certainly have a way, don’t they?!?! The highs are certainly higher and the crazies crazier!! 🙂

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