confessions V | 3 babes + 1 mama

happy wednesday, friends! is it just me or is anyone else super excited about a long weekend?!
in light of a disastrous day yesterday, my mom reminded me it was time for a ‘mama confessions’ post and that we all need a little reminder that most days, mamahood is a crap shoot and we’re all in it together. so, cheers, mamas… let’s do this together.

yesterday… got all 3 kids to the dentist for piper’s first apt + cleaning. not the first time i’ve done this and it’s always been successful. not this time, my friends.
toddler tantrums, x2. kicking, screaming, and dropping to the floor….because the hygienist had gloves on, one couldn’t see the tv, a sock was crooked, one wanted to sit on mama’s lap, now both wanted to sit in mama’s lap, then god forbid they were actually sitting in mama’s lap and not in the chair like a big girl. then mills joined in because poor babe was hungry. i wanted to crawl in a hole at this point. i’m attempting to feed mills while the dentist + 2nd dental hygienist attempted to bribe piper into opening her mouth. i hear ‘oh lila, please don’t touch that and look up just in time to see lila take the entire tray of tools to the floor. i all but drop miller into his carseat and grab lila to quietly yell {you know, trying not to lose my cool..that i had lost long before} at her and look down and see i forgot to put my boob away. awesome.
needless to say, the cleaning didn’t happen and we had to reschedule to try again.

the day wouldn’t have been complete yesterday without a call to poison control because lila ate an entire tube of orajel. {what. in. the. world.} she’s fine. but…of course.

my mom asked how pics went after a little shoot we had had… the picture at the top…that’s how it went.

in the bathroom at target… ‘get off the floor. do NOT put that in your mouth. WHY ARE YOU LICKING THAT?! STOP! CLOSE THE DOOR NOOOOOW’

same bathroom.
piper: ‘mama you poopin?’
me: ‘no, just tinkles.’
piper: ‘mama you staaaaaank’
thanks girl.

it took about 48 minutes to get 3 babes appropriately bundled and about 6 minutes outside before the waterworks started that it was too cold.

lila is still thanking god for my boobs on a regular basis.

we have arrived at the grocery, therapy, museums, zoos, etc… only to find i forgot to put shoes on any of the kids. it’s a mental block.

lila can {and does} go to the bathroom independently these days and if we even think about going in to help…’mama get out!! mom, get out peeeease.’

i walked out of dinner for 2 minutes to get zach medicine who was giving mills a bath… i come back to giggling with milk thrown EVERYWHERE. they were spraying, splashing and sloshing their milk on each other, the floor, table, couch, literally all over the kitchen and family bed. bed time came an hour early that night.

checking in this am to add another one in here…last night we were up with all 3 kiddos…piper throwing up 3x, bless her heart, miller who is in the throes of teething, and lila who just couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t fix her pancakes + peanut butter at 3am.
i’m in the bathroom with piper, zach’s in with miller and we told lila to go sleep in our bed while we tried to clean up the mess.. i hear a blood curdling scream + cry come from our bedroom and assume lila has started throwing up in our bed. so i go running in to find that she had found the remote to our bed which we had hid about 6 months ago {we have a sleep number bed that changes head + foot position} and she had changed the position so the head was up and the feet were coming up too. “i getting squished like a buuuuuugggggggg’ paired with more screaming and crying.  h i l a r i o u s… i was dying. God knew just what i needed to lighten the mood at 4am!

life is nuts these days. twin toddlers might be the death of me. but guys, they don’t keep. yesterday was probably one of my least favorite days…full of tears, coffee and some wine last night. they went to bed early and by the time i went to bed i was missing them again. i snuck one more kiss before crawling under and promised myself tomorrow would be better.

i’ll never forget reading, “your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom.”
cheers mama, may your coffee be stronger than your toddler.

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5 thoughts on “confessions V | 3 babes + 1 mama

  1. you are a strong mama and a beautiful wife. Stay strong young grasshopper. Stay strong 💪

  2. I love reading these. It makes me feel like I am not alone in this. I don’t have three kids, but I do have twin toddlers. Life is hard. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my gosh!! I just read #1 to my coworkers and we are all dying. The icing on the cake was that you had to reschedule the appt! Hoping for a better week for you

  4. Lindsey as I told you there are days that when you go to bed you’re just happy that everyone has survived. And God DOES provide scenarios like Lila literally folding herself up in the sleep number bed to make you laugh during a moment when you just want to cry and give up. Nap when they do today. And know you’re making a lot of people giggle today who may be having a rough day and needed to laugh. We can all look back and say, “yep i remember when my child did…..” You provided with me with MANY memories! 😘

  5. Love this and love you! Thanks for sharing your hot mess – we moms are definitely in this together! What a wild wonderful (and TOTALLY exhausting and trying) stage of life we’re in!! <3 P.S. I've heard, "Don't forget to put your boobs away, mom!!" before 😉

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