IMG_3094Hey guys! Thanks so much for visiting!

I’m Lindsey, the gal behind this little blog, Twin Peeks.

First, I am saved by His grace… a daughter to the one true King and seek to know Him more deeply.

I am 28 years old, a Behavior Analyst, coffee lover, and most recently became a stay at home momma to our sweet little girls, living out in the country in Ohio! I couldn’t be more thankful to be married to this handsome fella and my partner in crime!

Sheesh, he’s smokin…IMG_0004

On Mother’s Day, 2015 our lives were changed with the addition to these two peanuts!

IMG_0322Our journey hasn’t always been easy..cancer, infertility, miscarriage, Vasa Previa (more posts to come).. but holy moly are we blessed!! God has led us down this crazy walk we call life and truly, I didn’t think I could know a love like this…but man, I do!! IMG_6777IMG_7098

I welcome you to take a peek into our journey of twins, life in the country, pups, crafting, building, DIYing, cooking, working out, Targeting, laughing, parenting, and Jesus loving!

I’d say my little life is quite blessed! I’m consistently in a state of awe looking at all we have been through and where God is taking us! Thanks for stopping by!



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