toddler easter basket love {that isn’t candy}

good morning and happy wednesday to YOU!! i hope you’re week has had a good start and you’re enjoying the first few weeks of spring.  i’ll be honest, i’m dying for some warmer weather to come our way so we can get outside and play..but for right now, i’m stuck dreaming of that sunshine!
i’ll be honest, i was looking at my calendar and couldn’t believe we’re already in the midst of easter planning… time is flying these days!! with easter just a few weeks away, i’m already starting to plan the day we get to celebrate jesus and the meaning behind it all.  we host each year and are loving all of the fun things that come with having littles who understand more and more. each year it seems like it’s a new adventure and this year, i think they’re going to have an absolute blast searching for easter eggs with their big cousins!
one of my favorite parts about the holidays since becoming a mama has been to shop for the girls and i easily get wrapped up in all the hustle and bustle.  when people say holidays are more fun with your own kids than it was when you were a kid..they’re totally right.  on the same note…my girls won’t quite be two yet and are perfectly happy with some sticker sheets and cheap bracelets from the dollar store….so in complete transparency, those will 100% be making their way into their goodies!  i’m also almost to my third trimester with #3 and so let’s be honest… if i can amazon prime anything..even better!

so. without further ado… here are some {non-candy} easter ideas to fill your baskets that are simply just as sweet!

1. chalk-a-doos
i’ve had my eye on these after seeing my nephews open them for some holiday and i finally pulled the trigger to get them for the girls.  they’re big enough for little hands and are super fun to play with…and eliminate a bit of a mess…woo woo!! i primed these with the garden tool sets, so they’re currently on my counter….but they might be waiting for their birthday, we’ll see. if you need chalk though…this is it!!

2. hide + squeak eggs
hese look like the perfect little size for toddler hands and again, incorporate color matching..and silly faces! they also squeak for an auditory component that i think would be a hit with these two!

3. sunglasses
i so wish i could link up to the target dollar section because really, that is probably where these will be coming from.  i have been really intrigued by glasses that are supposed to be ‘break proof’ though… have you tried them?! if so, i might spend the extra $5…but. they’ll be two. so i don’t think we need to go crazy. and then i’m not sweating if they lose them.  dollar store it might be…but every toddler needs sunnies in the’s a rule!

4. bows
irl mama’s?! if you see a picture of my two you know we typically don’t leave the house without bows in our hair and i just can’t get enough.  the spring lines have all dropped and these three styles from one of my favorites you do NOT want to miss.  these were some of the first bows i bought and the girls still wear them…they’re such great quality and again. the colors + prints. give me all of them!!!

5. crayola bath drops
bath time has quickly become a ‘thing’ and isn’t just for bed time routines any more.  spring time hits and my sweaty child{ren} will be taking baths more frequently…and let’s be honest, it’s 25 minutes of a contained activity that ends up with clean babes! i’m totally on the lookout for new bath toys {someone help a mama out!}, and these look like a fun addition to the mix!

6. duck + goose here comes the easter bunny
books will forever make their way into easter baskets in my world.. as well as any other holiday.  i have so many favorites…each girl has a peek-a-boo book already awaiting, but duck + goose is one of my favorites!  the girls have taken quite the liking to these characters and add in that they are simple stories the girls have started being able to ‘read’ and retell. win win win.

7. easter egg stampers
i don’t know a kid that doesn’t like to stamp and my two are no different.  we went to a birthday party and in the goody bags were little stampers that i now keep in my diaper bag because they easily provide 5-10 minutes of entertainment. mama win!!

8. bloomers
annnnd now to my small shop friends!!! you’ve seen my two in these bloomers for some pictures and i’ve received so many questions about where they have come from… if you’re looking to shop small {and local for my dayton friends!!}, you’ll be supporting two of the sweetest mama’s you can meet. so much talent and these pastel unicorn bloomers are seriously THE cutest things in the woooooorld. and bonus, they have poms on them which could be my favorite part. ever. i’m in love!!! {hint: follow along on IG and Facebook for some discounts }

9. easter stickers
dollar store..yep, stickers are totally a go-to for me when i need a couple of minutes to talk to an adult {doctors office, etc.} bend the sheet a little and i have at least 5 minutes that i can have a conversation if needed.  sometimes they’ll put them on paper, other times they go on every body part humanly possible and they LOVE to stick them on each other’s faces and crack each other up…twin mom win.

10. gardening tool set
truth be told, i literally just got these out of the amazon box and they absolutely could. not. be. any. cuter!!! this is the only thing that has been on my list for a couple months and i wasn’t sure if i was going to do these for their birthday or easter.  they’re so excited about being in the garden with me and after grabbing the watering cans every chance they get, i knew these would be making their way into their easter baskets! i mean seriously, the watering can?! SO EXCITED!

11. jams
you know you’re not getting out of a gift idea for the littles without jams?! SO cute and old navy tends to have two piece sets that will fit my skinny little nuggets! 🙂

12.  toddler flashcards
 mentioned the girls love for colors, shapes and numbers these days and while we’re not sitting and pounding flashcards into their brains, the girls looooove to lay things out and talk about them, so these are on my list for easy diaper bag activities! super easy to flip through in the doctors office, grocery store, etc. again…you can find these at the dollar store and then not get upset when they get in the mouth or you loose a few here and there 🙂

13.  pretend makeup
my two LOVE to watch me do my makeup and now ask for their own brushes and brush their faces and each others.  while i’m still in a constant state of turmoil about little girls with makeup {goodness gracious, the thought hasn’t even crossed my mind to put it on them}, i still struggle with wanting them to grow up thinking they don’t need it… the reality of it is that they watch me put makeup on and right now, they want to do everything i do…which i love. i think something like this would be an adorable little kit to pull out for them to play with on their own!

14. easter egg play doh
this is a marketer’s dream…but. playdoh is so simple and why not make it cute?! throw two eggs in there and you’re set!! easy peasy and now that we’re finally {maybe} getting better about not eating everything that looks {or not} like it may be edible..even when it’s not. it’s fun and it totally helps those little hands develop…where are all my occupational friends at?! woo woo!

15. matching egg puzzles
anything that the girls can open and close right now are a super big hit…add in colors + shapes and you have a full on mini lesson going! we’re all about the colors and shapes right now but are still ways away from having them all down…life of a preschool teacher’s kid. these are super cute!!

question: whats do you typically do for easter baskets?!



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17 thoughts on “toddler easter basket love {that isn’t candy}

  1. This is great! I needed some ideas on what to put in my toddlers Easter basket! I will be using these ideas!

  2. YES! the kids get enough candy as is – i’m a big fan of tickets, books, and clothes! we also do bubbles and chalk since its pretty outside 🙂

  3. I so wish my babe was old enough to try out the chalk-a-doos and the crayola bath things! I can’t wait for her to be able to color and get excited for artsy things lol. These are all such cute ideas <3

  4. This is exactly what I needed to read! I’m putting together a special basket for my Godson and I’ve been trying to think of age-appropriate items for this toddler stage! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Pinned this! These are great ideas for toddlers!! We didn’t do an Easter basket last year for my daughter since she was only an infant, but we may do something fun for her this year. She’s at that fun age where I think she may enjoy it! (And I love that it’s not candy!!!)

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