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as a mama to 3 under 3, i am running around with my head cut off until my face falls flat on the pillow at night. i’m living on coffee + dry shampoo and when i finally remember to shove food in my face, i’m lucky to grab for anything besides goldfish or cheerios..please tell me i’m not the only one?!  i figured out pretty early on in my pregnancy that i needed easy + healthy snacks to keep me going through the day. i just don’t have time the time to meal plan and prepare like i used to, but now more than ever, i need the energy and balance to keep up with my crew.

it’s not uncommon for 2pm to hit, i get the girls down for naps and then i realize i’ve only had a cup of coffee that has been reheated 4x…mom probs.
i’ve started to realize that while i can’t add more hours to my day, i can make my life easier by keeping my house stocked with healthy snacks i can grab on the go. knowing i’m getting nutrition to keep up my supply while breastfeeding or just the fuel to chase after two toddlers… here are my go-to’s when i need something easy + healthy!

healthy + easy snacks


i’m still absolutely loving my milkful bars and they have consistently been my go-to snack for an afternoon pick-me-up. i usually pair it with a 1/2 caf coffee and it’s enough to hold me over until dinner. packed full of milk-producing goodness, these are easily my favorite snack for maintaining my supply. i love all 3 flavors and don’t have to feel guilty about snacking on cookies or spend my precious nap time baking healthy bars. all about ease these days friends, and the folks over at milkful has you covered!
bonus! use code LINDSEY10 to receive 10% off your order!!

snack pack carrots + hummus
i always forget that hummus comes in little snack packs and guys, it’s a game changer. throw a pack of the little carrots and you’re good to go… the girls have even started to get in on the action!

sargento snack packs
oh.my.gosh. have you seen these?!?! can i put nuts in a bag and cut up cheese and put it in a bag? yep, i sure can…or i can fold my laundry and get some extra snuggles in before bed time and not be a crazy person. sometimes your time is worth money friends… snag a coupon or stock up when they’re on sale..trust me.

guacamole snack packs
alllllso something i always forget that comes in a snack pack! these are clutch… i can never eat a full thing of guac before it turns brown and it just kinda grosses me out.. but these little guys pack the punch! i like the spicy version and throw it on my egg burritos, eat it with carrots or peppers or throw it on a sandwich. perfect little flavor filler full of those good fats!

pita, roast beef + feta
4oz roast beef
feta cheese
1 snack pack hummus

egg white, laughing cow, turkey flour tortilla + guac
4 egg whites
1 laughing cow cheese wedge
2oz turkey
1 guac snack pack
split between 2 corn tortillas

this is the easiest way for me to make sure i’m getting a ‘full meal’ in… down this sucker and i’m set to go. if i get nothing else in my system until 2pm, i know i’ve had a solid nutrion-packed super shake.
fun fact. zach is a type 1 diabetic and after using shakeology for 2 months, he had a checkup at his endocrinologist who was floored at how good his a1c was, directly related to the shakeo! so much good stuff, mama’s.. they even have a kids line now!! i’m super excited to try it!

another huge part of life right now is comfort and guys, i don’t think i could be more excited that athleisure is on trend these days. you know i love teaming up with companies with heart… brands that are in it to make this world a better place so when i had the opportunity to try on ethona for size, i was so excited!
inspire. connect. give.
these are their core values and while it seems like being ‘kind’ is trendy, ethona is looking to make it a lifestyle. working to help survivors of human trafficking, ethane not only donates 10% of their profit, they also encourage employees to take paid time off to volunteer. be the hands + feet… so amazing to see a company who stands for what they believe it!!
NOT to mention i was so impressed with the quality and comfort of these beautiful pieces. it’s so hard to get comfortable in your postpartum body but the moment i put this sports bra + muscle tank on, it was easy like sunday morning. i sized up for my sports bra because, well…nursing boobs, but the shirt is true to size and extra roomy for that postpartum pooch that is still hanging on.
if you have any questions when purchasing, casey is your girl and is sure to help you find the perfect piece!

alright, friends, i’m off to eat this sweet boy’s cheeks right off… i could just seriously just gobble him up!!

a huge thank you to ihelpmoms.com + ethona for sponsoring this post! as always, opinions expressed are my own.
disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links to where if you, the reader, make a purchase, i will receive a small commission that does not affect your purchase.

sports bra + tank c/o
leggings c/o

lila + piper
muscle tanks c/o
joggers {old}
lila’s bow



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15 thoughts on “easy, healthy snacks for pregnancy + breastfeeding | ethona

  1. From my perspective these are really fantastic healthy snack ideas. I also love raw sugar snap peas with hummus. Thanks for sharing! ❤️?

  2. What great snack ideas! I tend to forget that so many healthy foods are available in snack size. I’ve never tried hummus with carrots either so I think that will be what I start with. Yum!

  3. I love finding new suggestions for snacks that are healthy and filling! Sometimes I gravitate towards sneaking a little treat for myself during the day but it’s never very filling.

  4. These are all such great ideas for snacks and comfort! It can be really hard to eat well, but it’s so important! I want to try those bars when we have our second! And your outfit looks so comfy and perfect!

  5. I hadn’t heard Ethona clothes before so I looked around on their website and there are so many wonderful things! I’m totally in love with their Radiant Long Sleeve Wrap Charcoal Black. So pretty!

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