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it’s a choice you make every single day… putting someone else’s needs above your own, time and time again. their happiness. well-being….
to teach those lessons. those really hard lessons. to do the right thing even when you’re not always sure what that may be, or whether you even have the strength to do it.

twin toddler style

it’s finding balance + happiness whether you feel guilty for dropping off at daycare or not earning an income. raising happy, respectful, kind-hearted children who will someday be productive citizens in our society.

it’s loving a little more. giving up a little less.
it’s a calling. a gift. a blessing. but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. or pretty. or clean.

twin toddler love

it’s kissing boo-boo’s and bumps and singing songs till your blue.

it’s lowering your expectations and simply being happy on some days that everyone survived without going to the doctor, the hospital or being lost in a store.

it’s winging it. 99% of the time.
the parenting style. motherhood. life..

it’s finding the strength you never knew you had and dealing with the fears you never knew you existed.

it’s dry shampoo. and coffee.
countless loads of laundry + dishes. sleepless nights and tantrums.  mediating crises of baby dolls and puzzle pieces that don’t fit.

it’s grace + simplicity. worry + hope. emotion + strength. exhaustion + compassion. chaos + calm.

it’s loving so much it hurts. watching your heart walk outside of your body becoming this independent, beautiful child.  seeing those smiles. watching those first steps. experiencing those giggles.


it’s forgiving yourself time and time again when you feel like you’re failing miserably at everything.. but then getting the sweetest good night lovies when reading bedtime stories..

it’s having good days. and bad days. and great days. and trying days.
loving days and playing days and plain old normal days.
it’s motherhood in all it’s glory + beauty.

for every tear, insecurity, and doubt… YOU are amazing, mama…it’s the most beautiful, challenging, amazing and profound ride of your life

ain’t no ‘hood like mamahood.


a ginormous thank you to bee mine sunshine for the beautiful clothes + photography and jungle red salon for always making me beautiful!! 

cardigan c/o
jeans c/o
hair c/o {dana}
lashes c/o
makeup c/o {julia}
nails c/o {jenny}  

lila + piper
cardigans, bloomers + bows c/o
pink socks c/o
white socks
moccs c/o



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22 thoughts on “grace + simplicity | mamahood

  1. I love this, Lindsey. You touched on something so important–showing the grace we show to others to ourselves as moms! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a nice way to share the difficulties of motherhood and the importance of self compassion by forgiving ourselves over and over again for not being perfect. Self compassion is a good part of self care that is difficult for us to remember when dealing with our hectic lives as mothers. There are ups and downs and lots to teach our children but we also must teach them about self care by setting the example and taking time to re-energize our selves.

  3. So sweet and poetic. Motherhood is just that! We just forget all too often to stop and smell those roses, not just dirty nappies.

  4. This is such a lovely post! You guys are gorgeous, and your sentiments are beautiful to read. Thanks for sharing the lessons you’ve learned so far!

  5. I can’t believe how much we were on the same wavelength today! Love this post, and the gorgeous pictures in it. I love what you open with, about it being a choice that you make every day, that’s so true!

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