fall family pumpkin fun

good morning and happy monday! i’m checking in today after a super fun + busy weekend. is it just me or is this fall season extra crazy?! it feels like we’ve been running non-stop from one fun activity to the next, literally only stopping at home to decorate pumpkins and sleep.

we’re in full swing of fall fun and to kick it all off, we teamed up with walmart to bring you 4 EASY + budget friendly ideas to decorate some pumpkins!

nothing like a candid video of toddlers…you’re welcome. 🙂

the girls are all but obsessed with pumpkins and ever since we started decorating, they have been asking on a regular basis to paint, wash and play with their new finds.

the weather has been unseasonably warm and i’m totally eating it up. we’re spending as much time outside as humanly possible. i know it won’t last long and before we know it, it’s going to be f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g.

and. can we talk about how big this kid is. because i just want to bottle up every second of every day with him.

we’re going to 1-2 pumpkin patches per week and listening to the girls pick up and talk to the pumpkins could be my newest favorite thing. piper’s all into the teeny pumpkins and carrying them like a baby while lila is too busy being a nut job running around and laughing at herself.
saturday our local twins club {if you are a mama to multiples and haven’t checked to see if you have a twins club close…you need to. now. you won’t regret it…} had our fall family harvest party at braumbaugh’s fruit farm up in arcanum…guys this place is SO cool!
hay rides. the BEST apple fritters. animals. bonfires. corn mazes. good farm family fun.
we had SUCH a good time and the girls are begging me to go back.

our days are filled with more laughter, coffee and deep breaths than what i ever thought possible. we’re checking off items on our fall bucket list by the day, hanging with family + friends, making memories. every day there are so many things that i’m saying ‘i just don’t want to forget this…’ my patience is being tested by the millisecond..but good night, we’re living the good life, guys.
miller’s smile. his laugh. how he smells and starts talking right before he eats. the way piper tells stories right now and how she tells me ‘it’s okay, mama, it’s okay.’ lila’s deep breaths she takes before she has something important to say and how she sings ‘how i wonder what you aarrrrreeee’
i don’t want to forget any of it.
guys, these babes don’t last.

before we had kids, one of the most vivid things i remember thinking about was having a bed full of kiddos watching tv in our bed… it seems so silly, but there was just something so cozy and loving about it all. last night before we tucked the girls under, all 3 of our babes laid in our bed with popcorn watching paw patrol that they had earned… my heart just exploded.

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14 thoughts on “fall family pumpkin fun

  1. Fall is an awesome time to make memories. Great pumpkin projects! Looks easy and fun. Watching the kids in the video was even better LOL! Made my morning!

  2. We took our little one to her very first pumpkin patch over the weekend and had a blast! It was such a nice day as a family. Our daughter is 5 months old this weekend and while she wont remember going, we have so many great photos from her first visit 🙂

  3. I miss having toddlers and my little girls and all these fun activites. Looking forward to having grandchildren one day! These are super cute ways to decorate pumpkins.

  4. Such great ideas! I love that they are all ideas that kids can do themselves!

  5. I love these pictures and all the fun ideas. Kids do grow so fast and it’s so important to jump in and spend time with them now!

  6. This is beautiful <3 This is one of my favorite seasons, I love seeing how it changes as I grow older and our family changes. Apple fritters are my favorite! Thanks for the art ideas, too <3

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