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i can’t thank everyone enough for your kind words, thoughts and prayers after yesterday’s post.. the emails, texts and messages mean more than you’ll ever know. we’re always really hesitant to share news like this and yet every time i do, i’m reminded at just how wonderful this community is. there is power in prayer and the level of support you have given us is more than we ever could ask for. this post had been written and scheduled to go live earlier in the week, but i wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support. we’re all home and should expect some results by the end of the week!

finding activities to do as a family can be tough…finding activities to do as a family that don’t break the bank can be near impossible. especially in these winter months, i really struggle to find things we can do to get some energy out of these toddlers, but goodness gracious if more than one day goes by that we don’t get out and do something, i’m totally paying for it in messes around the house. if you’ve been around here for long, you know our love for goldfish swim school runs deep but what you may not know is that goldfish swim school has way more to offer than just swim lessons!

one of the perks i have truly come to appreciate is the opportunity to participate in family swim time. there are certain days/times of the week that they open the pool for their families {both current members and anyone wanting to try it out!} to come and spend time swimming around and the girls {and mills} LOVE it! they have a lifeguard on duty and also have TONS of toys, floats, noodles, and even puddle jumpers in the lost + found that can be borrowed.

this kid. gah i could seriously just eat him up.

i’ve really started to notice the girls’ confidence growing around the water and it makes me SO happy that they’re no longer afraid to be around it. while piper still is hesitant to put her face in and lila doesn’t like to have water poured over her face, she is jumping in totally independently!

although it looks like all fun, we use this time as a way to practice and reinforce the skills that they are working on in class like wearing goggles + their ‘sea otter’ float. the girls were actually the ones who asked to practice floating like an otter! woo woo…total parent win!

whether you’ve been a member for years or you’re looking to check goldfish out to see what it’s about, family swim time is the perfect opportunity to get out of this nasty weather! SO much fun and a great way to put that toddler energy to good use…in a 90 degree pool!

a huge thank you to goldfish swim school for sponsoring this post! as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own!

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