four years | anniversary

393049_2144672183119_1783365435_n4 years.

or a lifetime. or just yesterday… in some ways, it feels like we’ve been married forever and in others, like it was just yesterday.

1529754_2204067707970_552901164_othis man has my entire heart in the palm of his hands + he chooses me, every. single. day.

he’s my best friend. the love of my life. my #1 fan. and daddy to our most precious little girls.

281692_2144673743158_875914011_nour four years of marriage have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. i couldn’t imagine living life with anyone other than this handsome, handsome man!

we certainly aren’t perfect, our marriage isn’t perfect… but we are most definitely blessed beyond measure, and we are so so couldn’t be happier with each other

466986_2144665582954_2107969679_ohappy 4 years, mr. cline. and cheers to a hundred more!



a little walk down memory lane:
11750655_3255102823191_5117586680975492830_n 10352776_2743164025041_2490442870370783142_n 1497688_2576107928743_1575144982_n 10421352_3002176260185_1484514965014970531_n 1901141_2651845862144_634949559_n 11169957_3138493268025_3185295026186817103_n 994456_3197610905929_2618819842289816889_n 255788_1513026192364_4986392_n 11817288_3277311938405_86410040996031880_n 11751784_3255097023046_8392210037809523080_n 10552379_3342929498803_8651047975367997490_n

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