friday favs

good moooorning friday!!
i’ve been fighting a cold all week and it has wiped me on my tush…early bed times, waking through the night. it just doesn’t lend itself to toddlers, so i’m ready to be back on my a-game! tis the season, right?
let’s jump right into it because i’m going to need to go pour myself a second cup of coffee before i wake sleeping beauty 1 + 2.!

if you’re new here, first, thanks so much for dropping by! second, friday’s are reserved for all things happy… we all certainly can use some sunshine in our lives so here’s my place to tell you everything i’m loving this week.  i love to hear what’s making your week fantastic so play along in the comments section and fill me in!

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doterra breathe essential oils
alright. so i’m a skeptic. i’m not really all that sold on all the essential oil hype and my scientific brain is screaming, ‘show me the data!!!’ last night though, i sat through an informational meeting all about oils and how to use them in your day to day life.  my head was about to explode with the amount of congestion and snot (i’ll stop there) when she started talking about breathing.  i quickly grabbed the bottle, put way too much on and started rubbing on my face.  i’m sure if you’re into essential oils you are either laughing or shaking your head at my ridiculousness.  regardless, i was just dying to breathe. within 10 seconds i was breathing clear as day through my nose. and last night?? well, i didn’t wake once with the lavender on my pillow and again, just-short-of-a-bath in ‘breathe’.  call me crazy but i may be hooked.  intrigued is most certainly an understatement! do i think you’ve found the cure for cancer? meh. but hallelujah, i’m breathing!

motto leggings
i’m just loving this look this year and i still don’t have a pair!! #canmoneygrowontrees? so cute. so so cute. olive. black. sand. i might just live in them every day. give me a good bootie and bam, we’re out the door!!

stitch fix men

i’ve posted before about how excited i was that stitch fix was offering a men’s line and guys….zach’s fix came!! more to come next week, but well…he wasn’t disappointed 😉 super excited for his reveal next week, but for now, i’ll leave you with this adorable shot with little miss lila! for those of you who are unfamiliar, you can see my recent fixes here and here!

blanket scarves
is it just me or are you like in loooove with all of the blanket scarves this season?! i found myself carrying around 3 of them the other day and then realized that if i spent $70 in scarves…well. it just wouldn’t be a good decision. money tree, guys. so cute, so warm. really, it just is everything i need right now!! i’m loving this one. and this one. and this one!


family pictures. i have such a love hate relationship with family pictures.  i usually am pretty good with ideas and getting the look down, but when it comes to actually pulling it all together…man alive, i hate it!!! the stress, last minute shopping because i’m panicking i made the wrong decision…and then we get the pictures back and golly i swear lauren can make a drowning rat look adorable.  i am torn between red + black plaid/gingham or a fall yellow + denim + red + a whole bunch of otherness.  help!! thank goodness for pinterest, right???

question: do you use essential oils?! if so, what for?!

have a great weekend, guys!

this post contains affiliate links where if you, the reader, make a purchase, i will make a small commission.  as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own and i appreciate your support!



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4 thoughts on “friday favs

  1. We use young living oils we diffuse every night.i put lavender in my wet hair before school (critters/kids) I used thieves and peppermint for my toothache and we ❤️ love panaway for our backs

  2. You did take a bath in oils last night. Glad you can breathe now though. I’m a skeptic too though. But Fall pictures!!! We are doing pictures Sunday and I have bought myself 3 different shirts now that I have taken back. We are doing navy blue/white/jean. It’s just a mini session and mostly for the kids but I still need to wear something. This is so hard!! Plus how can you feel like doing Fall pictures when it’s 80 degrees outside!

  3. 1. i love the color scheme for your pictures! It is really cute!!
    2. Oils are everythinggg! I’m not really sure what kind of science is needed… It’s ancient medicine if you think of it less developed worlds have been using stuff like this ( not in a cute little bottle) to heal ailments for centuries. Its just good. Plants and herbs can have healing properties. Anyway! I cant afford em but my friend gave me one called balance…and digest zen and they work so good. i use them on myself and Layla and they help us alot. I need to try respiratory for cold season.!
    As always thanks for sharing !!

  4. Yes on the essential oils!!! 2 years in and still using daily! I recommend getting a diffuser or two or 5 lol! and just like life, it’s all trial and error BUT, definitely a benefit in natural health and healing☺️

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