friday favs

happy fall, y’all!!
can you believe it/!?! there are so many things i’m loving lately it’ll be hard to narrow it down. life is good, we’re slowly getting into the hang of things and i’m starting to feel like i’m managing this 3 kids thing pretty well!
we have a fun weekend ahead of us and i hope you have some happy things ahead of you, as well!

. o n e .

i’m not sure i can even start this post without thanking you all for all of your love + support after my post about ducky on wednesday. i had no idea what would come out of randomly starting to blog one day. i had no idea the friends i would make or the community that would grow from me just sharing our life. so many of you had the kindest words, the most uplifting prayers… it’s taken some time to digest it all, but from the bottom of my heart, i thank you.

. t w o .
swim lessons with goldfish swim school

ohhhh my gosh. the girls had their very first swim lessons and they had the BEST time!!! i was so nervous {especially since piper hadn’t gotten a nap that day…} how they would listen or if they would be screaming and clutched to one of our legs…but they walked in like big girls, sat right on the edge of the pool and tuned in to their teacher. teacher. yep, they have a teacher!! actually 2. and they were the sweetest, most energetic {so perfect for a 2 year old!} and engaging staff. from the moment we walked in, we felt so welcomed, the girls thought it was so cool their names were on the board, and the staff were amazing. the facility was so much fun and i can’t wait to use everything it has to offer. more to come, but the whole time zach and i sat and watched the girls, we both kept saying ‘oh my GOSH this is the best thing ever!!’ they had them doing stuff it took zach and i weeks to get them to do!}. i’m not sure if they were most excited about being little fishies or the balloons at the end, but let me tell ya, it was quite the scene when those balloons popped yesterday! good thing we get to go back! 🙂
**a GIANT thank you to goldfish swim school for providing us the opportunity to experience swim lessons in exchange for my honest review!**

. t h r e e .
guys, i’m super late to the game here, but have you tried this stuff?! i can literally put this magic on first thing in the morning and it is still there 4,987 smooches later…without any residue on baby cheeks. when i posted this picture yesterday on my instagram stories, i had a few people ask what color it is because it was perfect for fall…and this ‘praline rose’ is perfection. it’s great for every day wear and when i want a little something more, i pop a tinted gloss over it! i got the matte gloss right now because i think it matches my ‘every day style’ a bit better. even when i wear nothing at all, i pop this stuff on with some mascara and it goes the whole day! get a hold of my girl, sonya at redgate beauty and she’ll get you all set!!

. f o u r .
homemade PSL
so many of you asked for details on my homemade pumpkin spice latte i shared on instagram and leeeet me tell you. it’s deliiish! i have a ninja coffee bar system so i brew this on the specialty setting which winds up being 4oz of concentrated coffee…similar to espresso.
i’ve tried to hold off on my seasonal favorites from starbucks since we’re still in the 90’s, but i’m not holding back at home!

1-2 shots of espresso
1/2 cup milk {frothed}
1 T brown sugar
1/2 t of pumpkin pie spice
cinnamon {for garnish}
pinch of salt
**brew coffee with pumpkin pie spice in grounds.
microwave sugar, salt and milk together then froth until desired consistency.
gently pour frothed milk  mixture into coffee and drizzle caramel syrup + cinnamon on top

have such an awesome weekend!!

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7 thoughts on “friday favs

  1. This all sounds so amazing! I’m so not a makeup person AT ALL, but now you have me considering lipsense haha…I keep trying to teach my one-year-old things in the bathtub now that our pool’s closed. Swim lessons sound excellent.

  2. Love the photos of your girls! And I want to make that latte ASAP! What espresso do you use?

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