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happy friday! it’s been a rainy week over here and i’m curled up with my second cup of coffee before the crew wakes up! we’ve had a busy and fun week but we’re looking forward to a pretty chill weekend with absolutely nothing on the calendar for tomorrow. sometimes those are THE best weekends!
if you’re new around here, fridays are reserved for talking all about things that make me happy…so let’s get to it!

. o n e .
indianapolis children’s museum
yesterday my mom and i took my crew + two of my nephews to the indianapolis children’s museum to meet my aunt for the day and good night it was SO much fun!! i haven’t been there since i was a kid and so much has changed. i was SO impressed with the facility and how much there was to do for our littles…and even miller! it was great having an extra hand, we ran around like banshees and didn’t do too much damage before crashing hard in the car on the way home.

there’s something about watching little kids hard at work while they play… you can see the wheels turning, making connections and discoveries. the girls learn so differently…piper is pretty quiet and takes her time to figure out how things work while lila basically runs around bashing into things, climbing + jumping on anything she can, all while laughing at herself the entire time, repeating things over and over again. she even dumped an entire cup of water on me at the water table proudly announcing ‘gotcha!!’…a summer game we clearly didn’t get the memo about being an outside game.
we had the best time, lots of laughs and discoveries…definitely worth the 2 hour drive to get there!

. t w o .
motif duo pump
this is an odd one to pop up here, but if you’re nursing/pumping you have GOT to check this out. when motif medical offered to send me a pump in exchange for my honest review, i was using the medela pump my insurance company had provided. while it worked fine i guess when i was working after i had the girls, i dreaded the pump. i had to be plugged in, or with an outrageously heavy battery pack and every time i pumped not in my house, it was basically a full on announcement that i was pumping with how loud and awkward it was…you know what i’m talking about. you feel like you’re a slave to your pump. the first time i used this pump, i was at a twin mom event, and while there really is no discrete way to pump in public, i had multiple people realize what i was doing and then say, ‘wait, are you pumping?! i didn’t even hear it!!’ this thing is SO quiet, you literally don’t hear it. not to mention that it so light weight, i can hold it in one hand and it’s customizable for your preferences. at the end of the day, i can live with it being loud, but above all else, it has medical grade suction and it works. for as much as i hate pumping, i literally love everything about the motif duo.

. t h r e e .
another random one here…ha. at my last dental visit, i was complaining a bit about how sensitive my teeth were and turns out, my gums have started to recede from hormones/pregnancy. who knew that was a thing. i’ll be honest, i’m not a great flosser…it happens like once per week, and i get reminded every time i go that i need to do better. i know. but. she also mentioned that the next best thing would be to step up my toothbrush game and jump into the world of sonicare. i almost had a heart attack when i saw how expensive i was, but hear me out. zach and i use the same system and just switch out the heads…so for the long term, it’s not as bad. and we’re saving LOTS of money from dental work. we ordered on prime and are now basically obsessed. we both say on a regular basis how happy we are with it and now i’d never go back!’s on sale! originally $250 but on sale + coupon making it $158 {and it’s prime!!}. woo!

. f o u r .
power up snacks
we are huge snackers around here and zach is a trail mix fanatic. you know i’m always looking for easy snacks on the go so when gourmet nut reached out asking if i’d be interested in trying their line i was more than happy! i was so pleased with the assortment of choices and in the realm of trail mixes, they are seriously DELISH. i had to stop zach from pounding an entire bag before i had the chance to try it out..and bonus, the girls are even enjoying them! i typically keep a bag in my car for easy snacking while we’re on the go making for a super easy way to power through the day!

. f i v e .
ninja coffee bar system
if you follow along on instagram, you’ve seen this beauty pop up on a fairly regular basis and for good reason. when my previous coffee maker finally bit the dust, i was on the search for the what kind of system would work best for me. zach doesn’t drink coffee {i know, one of his flaws… 😉 } so it’s usually just me. i wanted the option for a cup but we host gatherings on a fairly regular basis so i also wanted the ability to brew a pot. on the other hand, most of the money i shell out for coffee comes in forms of lattes or iced coffee…so if i could save on that, too… enter the ninja coffee bar systemi just got one of my girl friends hooked… it’s THE best. and it has a built in frother. trust me when i say it gets used h.a.r.d. currently sipping on my caramel macchiato {starbucks style}.

disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links to where if you, the reader, make a purchase, i will receive a small commission that does not affect your purchase. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own and as always, i appreciate your support!

i hope you have a great weekend!! see you monday!

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