friday favs #19

good morning and haaappy fri-yay!
can you tell two little girls are happy it’s friday?!
h i l a r i o u s

zach and i just got done with yoga for the morning and i’m ramping up for a fun day outside with the girls: sandbox, swings, parks..we’re outside literally every second i can swing it!
we have a fun weekend planned full of friends, family, bonfires, a twin sale {yep, a huge sale put on by twin mama’s…the BOMB}, football, church…some chili in the crockpot! woo woo!

per the usual, we’re going to jump into things that are making me smile this week! as always, feel free to play along in the comments section below..i love hearing what’s making you smile this week! 🙂

familytimefamily time
life is messy. it’s hard + not fair. takes a lot of work. but i have the safest place right here. we are so blessed to have so much love in our life and when things get ugly, we have somewhere to turn.  i count my blessings every night and my heart just overflows. i fall so short on so many levels and these three love me with their entire hearts…this is from our family walk the other night…

salted-caramel-apple-pie-coffeesalted caramel apple pie coffee
i saw diy flavored coffee pop up on instagram this past week and although the idea stuck with me, where i found it didn’t!! i’ll let you know when i figure it out because guys. it’s genius!!! i was actually in the mood for a little PSL {pumpkin spice latte} but i didn’t have any pumpkin spice.  i do however have plenty of caramel everything and apple pie spice!! jackpot!! so, put the spice right in the coffee grounds then add 3T salted caramel creamer to your hot coffee… your morning has been made!! my life is changed and fall coffee has just gone to a new level. BONUS: 1 CUP IS 90 CALORIES! and your welcome 😉

fun fact, i’m back in bed with my coffee {see above} + computer..but, yoga is done! alright, i know i’m like really late to this whole thing..but. i’ve always been the kinda gal that if i can’t wring out my shirt at the end, it wasn’t a good workout. post bed rest, my body just isn’t the same and my joints have really had a tough time getting back into it.  i’m below my pre-pregnancy weight but it just looks different.  i boogered my knee up a couple months ago and since then i’ve been trying to get it back in the swing of really tough workouts but one thing i have found to be helpful is yoga. i’ve kinda fallen in love and will be adding this to my weekly to-do.

thy will be done
have you heard hilary scott’s {from lady antebellum} new song?? beautiful. heartbreaking. full of grace. it’s perfect. i learned after i heard it on klove she wrote this about her miscarriage and i fell in love even more. i so wish i could write music, but thank god for people like her that can so beautifully put that process to music.

img_4715reading babes
i posted this pic on…can you guess? shockingly enough, instagram, earlier this week… these chicas love to read. and their favorite spot is in our bed {that zach made me for our wedding}. and their favorite book these days is jesus loves the little children… yep. it led to tears for this joyful mama.

alright, i’m off to get another cup of deliciousness, hit the shower and to do some reading this morning before my little ladies get up! i hope you have such a wonderful friday and a great weekend! don’t forget to play along below!

what are you focusing on today and this week that is making YOU happy?!

in a world where you can be anything… choose to be kind”



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4 thoughts on “friday favs #19

  1. I’m so glad to read that you and Zach are squeezing in a little flexibility training in your busy schedules. Most people lose 30% of their flexibility by age thirty and 50% at age fifty unless they train it regularly. The result of tight muscles can be a strained back from just bending over quickly to tie your shoe. You would love the free videos online at, they offer every level and lots of options. Hapbee Friday! ?

    1. Ohh, I’ll have to try that one!! I just told Zach I wanted to switch it up! 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. I just heard “They Will Be Done” for the first time YESTERDAY on a high school retreat I was chaperoning and it is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time! How meaningful that it was about a miscarriage; I had no idea. One of our high schoolers chose the song, so while I’m sure that’s not the reason it spoke to her, that just goes to show it’s a song that speaks volumes to a lot of people for different reasons.

    Oh, and I feel super inadequate now knowing that you have been so productive this morning and I have not. Haha! 🙂 Have a great Friday! 🙂

    1. It really does speak volumes and is so relatable I think for everyone! Haha, I’m in bed really early but morning is my productive time before the girls get up!! 🙂 happy Friday, mama!! :*

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