friday favs #43

good morning and happy friday to you!! how are things today?!
we’re actually getting a really slow start because our plans for the morning got cancelled, which is a huge bummer because i was looking forward to a twin play date with our friends! sickness has hit all around and it is iccckkkyyyy. i have no idea how, but {knock on wood} we have seemed to dodge it so far.  i hope everyone is staying healthy in your household!!
do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?! i’m looking forward to absolutely nothing on the calendar other than a few little chores and planning for baby brother’s nursery!!!! eek!

today’s friday favs is actually being kicked off by baby brother and the love his sissy’s have for him…so let’s get to it!!

sissy lovies for baby brother
baby brother + coffee…the girls love to ask for a ‘sip’ of mama’s coffee which has translated to a little spoonful of foam from the top…’mmmm, coffeeeee, mama’s coffee”. and this bump. out of control. sweet pea’s bum is actually sticking out and almost touching my coffee up there… homeboy is pretty bony in there, but i’m already loving on all of his little sugars.  he’s acting just like piper in there, flipping and flopping all over! ducky loves to give kisses to my belly e.v.e.r.y chance she gets and lila just wants to rub her hands on my belly, asking for a peak at my bare bump whenever she can. their love for baby has made this the sweetest ride so far… i can’t wait to see them be big sissy’s in action.

rodan + fields lip balm
this was actually a stocking stuffer from my mama and when i opened it, she ranted and raved that this was the best lip balm ever. i have some favorites, but i have to say, after two months of using it… it actually is the best lip balm ever.  i get super dry lips that peel and peel and peel all winter, crack on the sides and hurt like crazy. so when i found a chapstick that can heal it overnight… i will shout it to the moon. if you struggle with lips that peel, you HAVE to try this stuff.  it’s expensive for a two pack {i just looked it up} but seriously, i will pay it when i run out… and it has spf which means i’ll be using it all summer!!

 + curbside delivery
have you heard of ibotta!?! or curbside delivery?!  i am so mad i’m just finding out about this app now… basically you get cash back for purchases in store and online.  the main way i’ve been using it has been to meal plan, get my grocery list, choose which store i’m shopping at {typically meijer or kroger}, then check which items have cash back.  there’s everything from milk, bananas, bread, beer, chips, to clothes.  i’ve had rebates from $.25 to $4.  after i get home, i snap a picture of the receipt and then the cash gets uploaded! when you reach $20, you can transfer it into your paypal account! i’ve already received $35 back… on my regular groceries! another bonus is that you can stack coupons on top!  the more people you add to your team, the more you save…so sign up here and you can use my referral code {rpdkwxg} to get started! also. can we talk for a second about curbside delivery. i just tried it for the first time on tuesday…and i’m never going back. i ordered my groceries on monday and picked them up tuesday morning…all put right into my trunk. mama’s dream….helllloooo mama’s dream!! you can thank me later!!

valentine’s day fun
i have a post coming on monday about all of our valentine’s day activities, but i had to highlight this one! the girls had so much fun playing in their valentine’s day themed sensory bin..watching them explore and sort made my teacher’s heart explode.  i actually used the leftovers from the christmas bin and they loved it! i kept this one really simple for their age and only used two items {balls + foam hearts} along with the paper.  the first day is really just about introducing and exploring, teaching the rules of the bin, and then as the days go on, we work on finding the items and sorting into the bins.  the girls were pretty into finding the hearts and throwing the paper, which is to be expected! so much fun…they loved it!!

bow holder
a couple of  you have asked about bow storage and i finally figured it was time to check out one of our recent projects! i did no such thing as organizing, so this is just what it looks like on a day to day basis.  this holds most of our bows and then i have a bin that is underneath for most of our head wraps.  i’m typically fairly terrible at returning them to their spots…but this is the gist! we took a window from an old barn {and actually this is upcycled from our wedding}, zach attached some wire and hooks and then…wah-la! pretty simple, but i love it!

tell me, what’s making you smile this week?!



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13 thoughts on “friday favs #43

    1. I was so sick of searching through bins!! Now I can see them all… total time saver!!

  1. Great stuff! Busiest week I’ve had in a long time and I’m glad some of it is over! Time with a little one is in store for us this weekend! ??❤?

  2. I’ve been using Ibotta for a while and I’ve loved it! So nice to get a little money back from the things I buy anyway. Another one I use for groceries is Checked 51. Not as many rebates as Ibotta, but sometimes you can double up which is awesome!

  3. Got distracted by the ibotta app. I will have to look into that! What kinds of activities do you need to do to unlock the rebates?

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