friday favs #44

GOOD MORNING and happy friday!! what good is going on in your world this week?
i have so many things that could go on this list of things i’m loving.. it’s just been a great week!  we have had the most beautiful weather for february…we’ve been taking full advantage and have crammed in so many fun things. parks, picnics, bubbles, kicking the ball, climbing, swinging, cooking, walks.. the list goes on. today is supposed to be the last day of nice weather before we flip back to winter, so we’re heading out to the zoo to make the most of the day! i so love spending time with my girls and seeing their faces with all the animals.  toddler fascination is by far one of the most magical parts of parenthood.
so let’s get to it! i hope you’ve had a wonderful week.. don’t forget to tell me what’s making you smile this week! 🙂
twin shennanigans
if you missed this on my instagram story yesterday, here’s your daily smile. these two. we napped at grammie’s yesterday and while they’re used to sleeping in the same room, they’re not used to sleeping within arm’s reach of each other.  we couldn’t stop listening outside the door and giggling at their goofiness.  no one can make them laugh like they do to each other.  throwing a monkey back and forth.. these two sure know how to have a good time!


there is something so cozy + peaceful about candles.. i light them every chance i get.  lately, with the abnormally warm weather, i’ve been into the springy scents and this one in particular is ah-maz-ing. i have been burning it non-stop and it’s the perfect combination of clean, fresh, and floral.  for the life of me, i have no idea what it is called or where it came from…but. it’s beautiful and you see it around you need to grab it!!… and if you know where i can get more, please let me know!

ina may’s guide to childbirth
as we prepare for baby brother’s arrival, i have been given the opportunity {hopefully} to try for a vbac… while i am cautiously optimistic, i am excited to learn more and embrace the process.  time is flying and i am soaking up every second i can.  the fact that i can still do laundry, cook dinner and play with the girls has been enough of a blessing that just being able to carry a healthy baby for a healthy pregnancy is something i do not take for granted.  i’d be lying if i said i didn’t have fears…but for now, knowledge is power so i’m determined to be prepared!
if anyone has personal experience with a vbac, i would LOVE to hear if you were so inclined to share with me! 🙂 any links you’ve found helpful… send them my way or leave a comment!

marion’s pizza
where my dayton friends at?! by far my favorite pizza…the BEST in the area… and really, just my fav pizza of all time, minus chicago’s giordanno’s.  the best cheese, the best sausage… i can kill some marion’s.  the girls actually had their first real meal there and lila has followed her mama + aunty’s taste!! piper…not so much, but we’ll get there!

clinique liquid eyeliner
so i’m not sure why i waited until i had eyelash extensions to use liquid liner because holy guac, i’m in love!! it goes on SO easily and is so smooth… it’s amazing! this was the very first kind i tried and i’m not sure i’ll ever go back to anything else.  i haven’t used clinique since….almost 10 years ago?? but i might be switching back.
do you use liquid liner?? if so, what kind?? i need some recommendations now!

we’re out the door!! have a great weekend!




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6 thoughts on “friday favs #44

  1. I tried for a vbac…twice. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. That book is great though!! Good luck!!

  2. That video is so cute!I wish you luck with your hopeful vbac, but most of all I just wish for a healthy mom and baby!

  3. I had a successful VBAC but unfortunately there wasn’t really anything I did to prepare for it. My dr told me I was a good candidate for it and everything went smoothly although I hated that I couldn’t stand up to get through my contractions. (They said I had to be sitting/laying down in case there was a reason for an emergency c-section.) Of course, however baby gets here will be wonderful but I hope you get to do a VBAC. 🙂

  4. And it’s so sweet that your little ones are best friends! Siblings are such a blessing–as an adult my sisters are still two of my closest friends!

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