friday favs # 48

good afternoon and happy friday!!
…this post is brought to you courtesy of nap time and an afternoon pick-me up latte…
this week has been a blur and we’ve been knee deep in the chaos of toilet training two almost-two year olds with a potty party.  i’m so excited about our progress and we’re halfway through day #3 of intense training that has most certainly paid off…zero accidents this morning!  i’ll be working on this post soon, but… this 30 week belly is most certainly feeling the effects of it.

more on that later… keeping with our usual friday favs, here is a round up of everything i’m loving this week! if you’re new around here, i love to take fridays to share things that are making me smile…and as usual, i love to hear what’s making you smile, so feel free to share the love in the comments section. you guys always have the best suggestions of things i need to check out.. so fill me in!!

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

earrings c/o // shirt // vest {old} // jeans c/o

..stitch fix feature..
i have a serious love for stitch fix and was so flattered to be featured on their reviews blog… i had to share it with you all!  you can read more here and if you missed my maternity fix that was a 5/5, you can check it out here.  what’s your go-to maternity piece?!

..potty party + big girls..
yes, those are big girl undies. yes, she is smiling. yes, those are toys in our shower. and yes, we toilet trained two 22-month old twins in 3 days…and lived to tell about it with smiling + happy girlies.  i’m super pumped about this post that will be coming, but for now.. i’m going to go drink my large cup of coffee and cheers to my stinking ah-mazing hubby who r.o.c.k.e.d. it out. i absolutely couldn’t have done it without him and he’s hands down the best daddy for these girls ever. ever. ever.

..toddler room updates..
in all of our spare time lately, we’ve needed to get some updates done and one of those things was painting a ‘new’ dresser for the girls room. i’m sure the person who built this was rolling over in his grave while i was painting this beauty…but i just love how the details show through in all the paint!! chalk paint is my go-to and i used annie sloan old white, pure white and the dark wax + white wax.  i got some new knobs at hobby lobby and called it good! i’m loving the new addition to their room!

..cousin love..
we had a set of our nephews over on monday for the day and i have a million of these kinds of pictures where all four babes are laughing/smiling/giggling etc. they just adore each other and everyone got a chance to dance in the rain + take golf cart rides with zach.  i love how close the girls are to both sets of cousins and when we get a day to love on them, it just makes for the best kinds of days!’s always fun to get a taste of a house full of 4 babes too… **hint hint, zach** 😉

..mama love fellowship..
my friend, justine, over at little dove organized the sweetest little penpal/love swap to start last month and i got so lucky to be signed up to be her partner! we’ve been sending snail mail back and forth and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail?! she just has the sweetest little soul and we’ve both said how we wished we were closer {you know, not like 10 states apart} so we could grab coffee together. head over and show her some love… and then send a fellow girlfriend some love in the mail!



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15 thoughts on “friday favs # 48

  1. Oh my goodness! I love that card. Old-fashioned mail is the best. I have a few girlfriends I swap letters with and it’s so nice going to the mailbox and getting something other than bills for a change! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ugh. So jealous of your potty training success! Charlie has absolutely no interest and everyone I’ve talked to says boys are harder and you just have to wait until they’re ready. I’m so impatient to be done with diapers!!

  3. That vest looks like the J-Crew qulted puffer vests! Those are definitely my favs and are so classy. My favorite maternity piece was probably a comfy pair of undies. Sounds lame, but they definitely made my day SO MUCH easier!

  4. Congratulations on the potty training! Major snaps to you and Zachary! Can’t wait to read the details! ?❤️

  5. Oh, I just love that dresser! I think I’ve repainted most of the furniture in our house, ha! Today I was painting cupboard doors and repainting our TV cabinet. It’s amazing what a lick of paint and new handles will do. 🙂
    Yay for potty training! I’d say we’re about 90% trained with our just-turned-two-year-old son. It’s wonderful to see their own self-esteem grow as they learn new skills. 🙂

  6. So impresssed w the potty training. When I was expecting my second I put it off until my son was 3. We did use the 3 day method and it worked!

  7. Yay potty training!! How fun to be featured on stitch fix. I’ve got to try it out sometime soon!

  8. The potty training is SO exciting! That’s amazing you rocked out two at once, I can barely do one at a time.
    Those knobs are so darling on that dresser, I love how it turned out! And I’m so glad that you’ve been getting your cards!

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