friday favs

it’s friiiiiday!

it’s been a crazy + fun week… i feel like we’ve been on the go for 5 days straight and thank goodness it’s the weekend!

we have a super fun weekend planned… pretty relaxed, but a highly anticipated dinner planned for Saturday with both of our siblings {so awesome!} + hosted by only the greatest hostess ever, aunt ebby! great food + even better company…doesn’t get better than that!

i’ll fill ya in on all of our shenanigans come monday..but until then.. let’s get going with our usual friday favs and chat everything that makes us smile this week! be sure to tell me one thing that makes you smile this week… we all need a little sunshine and love these days!

IMG_2577snapchat {l_cline87}
alright guys. i know i’m super super late to this party…. but. i finally was convinced to sign up. again. i had it forever ago and never really thought much of it, so it was deleted and on i went. now though? well. now it may have changed my life. kidding. but seriously i’m having way too much fun! not to mention, my killer hair stylist nailed it + taught me how to take a selfie..yep. it happened.. follow me at l_cline87… join in the fun!

IMG_2578homemade coffee creamer
mark introduced me to THE most delicious creamer you have ever tasted in your life.. so i’m now perfecting the recipe, changing the flavors and drinking it every chance i get. as if i needed another excuse to drink coffee.
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of milk (i used whole since we had it in the fridge)
salted caramel flavor to taste
**shake it in a mason jar and pour as desired!**

letyourmama said tees
you’ve seen me rave about this company before {here + here} and their mission to spread kindness in the world.  i’m h o o k e d. we get so many compliments when we rock our tees and it never fails to bring someone a big ole’ smile. nothing better than spreading a little love to brighten someone’s day! i need every single shirt.

FullSizeRenderlove + kindness {ed by ellen}
we rarely watch tv in this house and i typically save it for things that will make me smile… hello, ellen! i love to turn the tv on promptly at 4 + the girls break it down with me while we have a dance party. she never fails to make me laugh and if there is one thing i want to teach my little ladies in life, it is to love people with their whole heart. everyone. after the tragedy in orlando, ED launched this simple + powerful t-shirt.  proceeds benefit The National Compassion Fund, helping victims of the shooting. so much love for this shirt…love + kindness.

21 day fix
so we’re officially done with nursing and it is time to get this booty back in shape!! it’s been a long time coming and while i’ve worked out on and off, i haven’t quite had a plan. my body isn’t what it was and really, i’m still trying to build back my strength from being on bedrest… i needed a workout that i could modify but would push me back into gear. i’m officially on day 10 of working out with recovery days and am loving getting this tush active again!

**thank you to everyone who entered the Cardimom + Starbucks giveaway! congratulations to Cheryl P.  an email has been sent!**

question: what’s one thing making you smile this week?!

i hope you have a fantastic weekend! do something to make someone else smile!



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5 thoughts on “friday favs

  1. Love the hair, the creamer recipe and I’m crazy for the T-shirts. Who doesn’t love Ellen? What gave me a smile this week? Seeing Lila and Piper’s cousin, Greyson jump into a pool from the diving board. ?

  2. The feel of my grandson, Sean hugging my leg when I least expected it gave me a warm smile this week.

    1. That just made me smile too… thanks so much for sharing such a special moment!

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