friday favs

hey hey hey, it’s fri-YAY!!!

if that picture doesn’t make you laugh . . .  h i l a r i o u s . . . she was cracking herself up!

anyways. i hope you’ve had a great week! anything good going on?! weekend plans?!

we’ve had a rough one in our neck of the woods with little lila bean having quite the week.  a 104 temp has had her wiped and having a really tough time.  no other symptoms + a trip to the doc and we finally kicked the crud and are starting to feel a little more playful!

glad to be ending the week on a good note with both girls feeling like themselves!

let’s get to it  and chat everything happy!! don’t forget to play along in the comments below!

i have received so much love and support from so many people lately and i can’t tell you how much i appreciate it! people i haven’t talked to in years, family who always supports me, friends who are family, and complete strangers...thank you.  i truly feel grateful for you reading and helping me to make this what it is! i have a super fun giveaway coming up here in august as a ‘thank you’ so make sure you subscribe in the pop-up or banner so you don’t miss out!

| toddling toddlers |
if you follow me on snapchat {l_cline87}, you’ve seen snippets of these two little ladies getting mobile! lila is officially ‘walking’ aka taking 1-4 steps and going kaboom but it is SO much fun to see them get more independent!! she is so proud of herself and wants nothing more than to be a big kid!! ducky is getting her new custom braces in august and isn’t too far behind sis! i’m caught somewhere in-between wanting my little ladies to stay babies forever and being so unbelievably proud of their new accomplishments!

71YKLaAz9oL._SY679_| jergens instant sun |
with two babes attached to my hips at all times, my times laying out poolside just aren’t what they used to be.  i’m also kinda off the skin cancer train and find myself being proactive about wearing tons of i just am not in that bikini as much! enter my go-to sunless tanner! i’ve started testing some different ones out and so far this is my fav. it smells decent + dries quickly.  i think i’ve started getting the hang of the application and washing my hands well enough! what’s your fav?? i’m totally looking to try others!

| combat boots |
it’s so not fall yet. says the 100 degree temps outside… but. all this fall fashion is starting to pop up and if there’s one thing i love about fall it is boots!! can i get an ‘amen?!’. these boots. or these. or these. i need to get my hands on one of these for the upcoming colder weather…

IMG_2950| baby starbucks |
bah! amber {masseya} shared her sweetest little baker drinking a baby starbucks on ig the other day and oh. my. goodness. so naturally, when poor little lila was having a terrible day with her fever so high, i decided she must have a little pick-me-up and what better way than a starbucks?! (surely i’m not the only one?!) before you start throwing your stones, have no fear, it was simply whole milk blended with ice.  why i didn’t think of this before, i’m not sure… the barista was extremely confused with my request, but seriously. how. cute. is. this. i probably created a monster…but it was totally worth it. yes. yes. and yes.

alright, what’s going on in the world that’s making you smile?! make sure you play along and tell me what i need to check out! 🙂

have a great week!

question: what’s making you smile this week?!



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