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good morning!!

it’s been a crazy week (i’m starting to wonder if there will come a week when i don’t say that…) in our neck of the woods! lots of good stuff, some not so great stuff, a little scary and stressful. but. positive vibes, lots of prayers and i’m sure i’ll be filling you in shortly.

for now, let’s focus on things that are happy because attitude is everything and my trust is in the big man.  so here we go. before we even start…this picture above?? one of my favs. they’re my best sidekicks 🙂


if you’ve been around, you know friday’s are for favorites and things that make me smile.  i love hearing from you with what’s making you happy this week, so don’t forget to play along in the comments section!

salt|ben & jerry’s salted caramel core|
if you know me, you know ice cream is basically it’s own food group…but i’m kinda an ice cream snob and i have quite the taste for that smooth, rich, super creamy expensive ice cream.  i usually try to only get what’s on sale but when i came across thiiiiiis. well. it knew we were soul mates and hopped in my grocery cart. there was really nothing i could do about it. blonde brownies + salted caramel. oh my gosh. you’re welcome.

IMG_3642|hubby workouts|
zach and i decided we needed to rearrange our schedules to be able to consistently get our workouts in and get everything we wanted to get done, done. so, 5am alarms have been set and we’re now working out first thing in the morning! there’s a group of us who have been trying to hold each other accountable for morning workouts and we’re the last to hop on board, but we’re doing it! i’ll be honest, we’re not perfect yet, but we’re getting there. i’ve pretended to play dead, but, that’s why you have a partner! zach is way better about alarms and getting up, so he’s in charge 🙂 wish us luck…we need it!

IMG_3263|baby booty scoots|
becky, look at her butt. it is soooo big.
i’m dying! if you follow me on instagram {l_cline87} you saw this pop up earlier this week… i just can’t.
so the girls have gotten into the routine of sitting in my lap when we’re on the floor playing, reading books, singing, etc. they get all nestled in there and luckily one’s okay with hanging on a knee while the other one is cuddled in tight.  recently, however, i have no idea where it came from but lila, and sometimes piper too, will toddle up, get within a few inches, turn around and attempt to walk backwards before falling into my lap.  i know i have got to take video of it because it is THE cutest thing ever how they scoot their little booty right on up… it’s the little things and it is oh so so so cute.

photo source: the quinntessential mommy

little mama hack, are ya ready?
|cut your food into bite-sized pieces with scissors.|
this is a request to include in today and it is a good one!  i learned this from one of my best mama friends and thank goodness! cut your food into bite-sized pieces with scissors.  i promise you’ll thank me!! i have three pairs of scissors, one for each meal so i can just throw them into the dishwasher after i’m done and call it good! really, you can cut any food with scissors, but i think it saves the MOST time and energy on sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, spaghetti, meatballs, tortillas, chicken nuggets, fish sticks…just to name a few!  it may just be the teacher in me, but there’s something a little therapeutic about cutting the perfect little squares 🙂

14055182_1207927172611283_3576304287602252930_n|girls night|
i saw this going around FB and heavens, it’s so true! but. guys, life is messy. if you’ve been alive for more than 5 years, and let’s be honest, my two went through more in their first weeks alive than they ever should have, you know that life just isn’t fair. it can be ugly, and disheartening. real stuff that just will shatter your heart… it happens. but i’ll tell you what, if you don’t have a group of girlfriends you can turn to when stuff gets bad, and i mean bad, you need to find some.   i’ve been so blessed to have a best friend in almost every stage of my life and a very few have been there from the very beginning. as a mama, it’s hard to find time to make this a priority but it. is. so. important. you need to laugh and cry, and just talk. celebrate the wins, cheers to the battles and know that we’ll get through it all.
find your best girl friends and keep them close.

so tell me guys, what’s going on this weekend i need to know about?? big plans?? things to celebrate?? anything to smile about?? give me something!

we’re off to a tike hike this morning and i’m super pumped – it’s our first one! wish us luck on the trails…gotta start em young 🙂

question: what’s your best mama or life hack?! weekend plans?!



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