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good morning and happy FRIDAY!! can you believe Easter is this weekend?

life is kinda crazy these days and every time i think it’s going to slow down… it just speeds right on up…and it’s only getting crazier! after a super crazy week of toilet training and a solid case of the girls having a respiratory virus + strep { i thought i was going to die }, we had SUCH a good day yesterday. in all the hustle and bustle, i am constantly reminding myself to take a step back and enjoy.  this season will pass and it just is all going by so quickly…

today, on this good friday, it is good. life is good. He is good.

the Lord has blessed us far more than i ever could have imagined and as i reflect on everything this weekend means, i’m reminded of all of the blessings that i sometimes so easily overlook.

this weekend is going to be SO much fun and i just can’t wait for all of the festivities!!
we’re headed out this morning for an easter play date with our local twins club, which is always a ton of fun.

tomorrow we have an easter egg hunt in the morning and i’m so excited for zach to be able to come with us to watch the girls in all of their hilarity.  the last easter egg hunt we went to 2 weeks ago was so much fun! piper opened every egg before deciding if she wanted the contents inside.. meanwhile, lila was grabbing as many eggs as she could, even if it was only half of a shell!

sunday’s agenda includes church and our house full of family… i’ll say it again, He is good..

before we truly take a break and unplug, i want to share a list of things i’m loving this week.  they’re simple and full of love… but as always, i love to hear what’s making you smile, so feel free to tell me what’s made your week happy!
4 years ago, we were grieving the loss of our pregnancy that had ended too soon.
3 years ago, zach was healing from surgery to remove his cancer.
2 years ago, i was sitting in a hospital on bedrest awaiting the birth of our girls that we wouldn’t know the outcome of and i was terrified.
1 year ago we had two healthy baby girls and were praising Him for such beautiful miracles.
this year, as i sit typing this, a little baby boy is growing, kicking and turning inside my belly and my heart could just explode.
He is good.

easter baskets
big girl garden tools. stickers. chapstick. a rubber ducky {we have an obsession}. a light up wand. and a goofy chick.
that’s the gist of our easter baskets this year and what will be filling these adorable baskets grandma and grandpa had personalized for the girls last year!!
we’re easy in these parts and let’s be honest, the second i give them a big girl shovel, i don’t think we’ll get them out of the dirt. i was SO excited to find these adorable little garden tool sets and i know they’re going to love them!!
if you need some last minute easter basket fillers {that isn’t candy}, you can check out all of my easter ideas here!

‘buggy hunts’
the girls are suuuuuper into bugs {buggy’s} these days and this was one of those really simple moments that just made me smile.  we were blowing bubbles outside when lila spotted an ant crawling on the ground…and it turned into a full on hunt for ‘buggys.’ don’t worry….ducky went in for a kiss right as i snapped this picture and ended up with an ant on her tongue. nice.

zero accidents
if you missed yesterday’s post, we have been full on potty training and it has been going SO well!! we’ve been averaging about one accident a day from either girl, but i’m’ super excited for that yesterday was our first accident-free day…and we even left the house!! WOO WOO!! so proud of my big girls… SO amazing.

His promises {photo credit}
i often approach scripture so much more differently as a mama now  and as we head into this weekend, i just can’t help but see it through the eyes of mary… jesus is love, but watching the events of the easter story all from the eyes of his mama… my heart just aches.  we obviously know the next part of the story, but in that time, can you imagine what mary was going through??… love. it all comes down to love and i find myself thinking frequently that part of god’s plan in parenthood was designed to show us the teeniest glimpse of how much He loves us… it’s unfathomable to me.  as we head into the weekend, i’m focusing on a grateful and loving heart. the laundry. cleaning. to-do list. wiping bums. grocery shopping. sitting in traffic. do it with love.

i hope you have an amazing weekend full of love.. i’ll see you back on monday!



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