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…’twas the friday before christmas and all through the house, the toddlers were stirring, all about in a fuss…
good morning and happy FRI-YAY!!
can you believe tomorrow is christmas eve??? this month has flown and i can’t even believe christmas is officially here. we’ve been so crazy lately and with so many fun things happening, it’s hard to lose track of the days.  i’m actually finishing up touches before packing the girls up and heading out so they can spend some time with their aunt ebby and i can get some grocery shopping and cleaning done!! SO much fun, we’re in the last minute craze… i just LOVE this time of the year!!
make sure you make it to the bottom for the giveaway!! 🙂

let’s get to it before we head out and the craziness begins…
and if i don’t talk to you beforehand, i hope you have the merriest of christmases that is filled with love, laughter and jesus!
christmas jars
a tradition that my aunt started years ago has been a part of our marriage since the beginning and it could be the one i am most excited about passing on to the girls. based on the book, christmas jars by jason f. wright…throughout the year, we make it a point to deposit all spare change into our ‘christmas jar’. the girls  have gotten the hang of what to do with the change and ask to put it in the ‘jaw’ whenever they find a spare penny about (which is happening alarmingly more often..). on christmas eve, we anonymously give the jar to someone in need along with a copy of the book.  over the years, we’ve given anywhere from $100-$500 in a given year.  On the rare occasion we don’t have a specific person who is in need, we will purchase gift cards and anonymously give them out with a note that if it is needed, use it, if not, pass it on.  Even on years where money has been tight, this is one of our favorite traditions…and i’m excited the girls have been such a big part this year!

i’m obsessed. if you missed my post wednesday, make sure you check it out to get 15% off your services at jungle red salon, but these lashes are seriously the best. 3 weeks along and they still look as good as they did the first day. running out the door is so much easier when i’m not stressing about the lack of makeup on my tired eyes…something this tired mama appreciates now more than ever!!

painting furniture
something you may or may not know… i love to paint furniture. if you follow on instagram, you might have seen this pop up yesterday.  i have a strange obsession with jumping head first into projects i have no idea about and learning everything i can to do it perfectly.  a couple years ago, i got a hair up my hind end and hated our kitchen cabinets so much i decided i was going to paint them.  i had no idea what i was getting into but i rocked those suckers out in a week and they are ah-maz-ing. i learned a lot in the process and since then have had my hand in quite a few other pieces…the girls dresser, parker’s dresser, a few tables, the girls toy shelf.. some random pieces.  we got a call from a friend i used to work for asking if we would mind building a headboard for their daughter for christmas and we happily agreed.  zach is INCREDIBLE at putting my crazy ideas into play and is amazing at building + woodworking… he has made me countless pieces that are my favorite things ever, number 1 on my list being our bed he made me. anyways, headboard. so zach built this beautiful headboard out of an old door and i painted it.. turned out pretty badass if i do say so myself!!

mini bakers
bah. these two and their lovins. they ate way more dough than i ever should have let them, but they’re clearly my children and i couldn’t say no to their giggles and sneaky smiles.. it was just too cute. i love love love experiencing life with them and teaching them all of my favorite things.. they wanted nothing to do with the cookie cutters and i won’t be gifting any cookies due to the amount of spit in them… but, all with love, all with love!!!

hello fresh
y’all know my obsession with hello fresh by this point and it has been a lifesaver lately. i’ve been craving healthy foods this pregnancy and can’t get enough of fruits and veggies so having food delivered directly to my front door with delicious, well-balanced meals.  i had so many messages after i gave away two free meals yesterday on facebook {make sure you’ve liked our page here so you don’t miss out on giveaways!!}, so what better way to kick-off christmas weekend with a giveaway!! enter below! **everyone is a winner, if you don’t win the free week, make sure to use the code 222525GERD5H to get $40 off your first box!!! 

i hope you all have the merriest of christmases!!

hello fresh box giveaway

enter this super quick, 24 hour giveaway!!! TWO lucky winners will win a FREE box of your choice from Hello Fresh!! **please note this giveaway is only good for new customers to hello fresh! merry christmas!! :*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. My favorite part of Christmas is having my family around … and lazy days off work just hanging out!

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