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is it just me or does the week seem to have gone by craaazily?!? is that even a word? i don’t think so. regardless. the moral of the story is that i’m going to need a margarita + chips + salsa. anyone? anyone??

it’s been busy, and fun, and one of those weeks that i look back and say, what did we even dooo?!

before i ramble any further about absolute nonsense, let’s get to our usual friday favs! don’t forget to play along and tell me something you’re loving this week! i love seeing what’s making you smile 🙂

snow//snow cones//
alright…whyyyy didn’t someone tell me i could just use my nutribullet to make a snow cone?! this post {here} even has adult cocktail versions and the one pictured above {found here} looks deeelish. you’re welcome.

//pool days//
it’s getting to be hot here. you will never ever hear me complain that it is too hot, but 100 degrees certainly lends itself to neding some pool time! the girls are officially loving the water and it’s hilarious to watch them blow bubbles, splash, and climb in and out of the pool. {you’ve seen me talk about this company before but we seriously live in these halters from golden hill design all. summer. long. and i heard they even have a 30% off sale on their long sleeves right now…get ready for fall!}

01-movie-night-x//summer movies//
there is just something to be said for summer movies! check out this list {here} for 26 summer movies you need to re-watch! you could even have a DIY drive in movie-night (on my bucket list!)

IMG_2824//pointing babies//
i realize this has nothing to do with summer other than the fact that it is summer and the girls are pointing but this could be one of my favs. lila specifically is pointing at absolutely anything and everything.  her big things are flowers/plants/leaves right now, so any time she’s picked up she’s waiting to point and have you take her over to said plant so she can investigate. pointing though. fan. window. dogs. pictures. food. empty space. love love love!

IMG_2822//pineapple strawberry la croix curate//
i really have never understood the craze over la croix.. it just didn’t do anything for me, but lately my water intake has totally been terrible and when i was walking through the grocery and saw these, for some reason i wanted to try them…holy guac guys. ahhh-mazing. it’s a perfect little treat for the afternoon and is super light and refreshing!

i hope you have a fantastic weekend!

question: what are your plans for the weekend?! anything super fun?!



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One thought on “friday favs | summer

  1. My plans are spending the day with my twenty one month old nephew for a picnic, a local park, games and bonding. Also a concert at The Fraze and lots of hiking with my dog. Thanks for sharing your Friday favs! ?

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