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one of the biggest questions i get asked on a regular basis is how i manage to do it ‘all’ and let me tell you my answer…i don’t.
it’s no secret in my world that at some point, something’s gotta give. sometimes it’s sleep {most of the time it’s sleep}, other times i say ‘no’ to building a lego tower with the girls or the load {or 7 loads} of laundry is put off. or the workout. and other times, it’s the blog.
when i quit my job as a behavior analyst, it was so that i could be a full-time ‘mama’. i was spread too thin and didn’t feel like my priorities were on my family. i honestly felt like i was going crazy and never felt like i had my act together and quite honestly, i just wasn’t happy. not because i hated my job because let me tell you…i LOVED my job. i just loved my job as ‘mama’ more.
here we are, 3 babes deep and i’m basically the ‘chaos coordinator’. {i saw a shirt once that had that exact title and i totally need it in my life.} anyways. what i have realized over the 2 years of staying home is that more than ever, i NEED a plan to meet my goals or the hours and days pass by and before i know it, a full week is gone and i look back and wonder if i really accomplished anything at all.

i’ve always been a paper/pencil type girl {i get it from my mama} and while we certainly use our iCal to coordinate schedules, etc., i still like being able to put all my goals/thoughts/grocery lists/to-do items down. is it just me or is there anything better than physically crossing an item off your list?!

one of my goals this year is to get organized…for me, my family, my walk with the Lord and the blog.
i think it’s really easy to set goals and then after a week or a month, lose sight of the vision and get off track. or. if you’re anything like me, you have a goal and wind up having no idea to get there…or getting distracted within minutes and nothing gets done!

other than documenting our daily life in this space, one of my favorite parts of blogging has been discovering some incredible small shops and building relationships with brands to bring them to you! i’ve been really blessed with some fun partnerships and when i got hooked up with PROSPR planner, i couldn’t wait to try it out…and then i fell in love. with a focus on productivity + family, this planner has everything you need to get {and stay} on track with your goals.

with a monthly + weekly spread, i can organize everything i need..i use the monthly layout for planning blog posts {also great for workout plans, marathon schedules, birthdays/anniversaries, or big picture planning} and the weekly schedule for appointments, play dates + workout classes. I think my favorite thing about this planner that sets it apart from others that i’ve used over the years is the focus on goals. at the start of each day, there are 3 spots for your priorities. this is where i can set my goals to be completed by the end of th day and cross them off as i complete them. it helps to keep me focused without being overwhelming. at the end of the day, if i’ve accomplished those 3 things, it’s been a good day!
i could go on and on about the details i love about this planner… but it is simple without being distracting and above all, there are reminders and ways to keep you focused on gratitude and family.

mastery edition {12 months} details:

a well-crafted hardcover, quality spiral binding, elastic closure, stickers and 3 ribbon bookmarks

a vision board, mind maps, ample space for creative ideas, and inspirational quotes

password, contact + note section

unconditional satisfaction guarantee…the sweetest parents are behind this shop and trust me when i say…they’re not in it to just sell another planner, they want to improve lives. if you’re not totally satisfied, they want to know!

SO many uses: habit tracker, motivational journal, to do lists, grocery shopping, lesson plans, important events, wedding planning, financial receipts holder, parenting tips, cooking recipes, weekly goals, appointments, fun doodling, big dreams, workout records, once in a lifetime ideas, and the list goes on.

stickers to mark important dates/apts/ideas

sprint edition {3 months} details:

a fold-out vision board to keep you organized and never lose sight of the big picture

ample space for you to capture your ideas, thoughts, and express your creativity

daily pages that include a FAMILY TIME section to schedule, capture + record special moments

morning + evening gratitude section

family events schedule

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a HUGE thank you to PROSPR planner for sponsoring this post and to ivory lamb photography for the gorgeous photography!

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sprint edition planner | c/o prospr
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3 thoughts on “getting organized | PROSPR planner

  1. Great post! I’ve got a planner for this year, but I’ll be figuring out the best fit for next year so I’ll keep this in Mind!

  2. Love this! i’m trying out Plum Paper this year which I really like, but I always love to learn about new planners. I’m definitely a pen & paper girl over here, too!

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