giving thanks 2016

happy day before thanksgiving, friend!!

if you missed monday’s post… don’t forget to check it out!! you don’t want to miss this giveaway!!

i can’t believe the month has flown by and tomorrow is actually thanksgiving! i’ve been in quite a funk over the last week and have found myself short on temper, patience, and energy.  let me say, i couldn’t be happier with where we’re at and being mama to these two crazies is my favorite job in the world…but sometimes it can be hard.
when i originally looked at my calendar for the week, i had yummy thanksgiving recipes rounded up for today…but as such, life didn’t quite work that way. i didn’t get the time needed to get the post done and alas, here i am {i usually write posts the night before they go live..} trying to pry my eyes open before i pass out on my keyboard.

fun little story for ya.. .
i was in kroger yesterday with both girls in tow, making a ‘quick’ (how quick can it really be running through a grocery store with two toddlers…) run for it to grab some essentials we were out of.. we made it through about 2 aisles before lila lost her cool after i wouldn’t give her the cookies (obviously an essential) that were in the cart. as she’s screaming bloody murder, i was attempting to open the blueberries to give as a trade off, prompting her to ask nicely.. and catch the toy that piper threw out of the cart.. i glanced to the right to check the aisle i was turning down since i had no real clue where i was going…and i slam my cart into another cart. i apologize immediately to a middle-aged woman who immediately raises her voice yelling at me to pay attention to where i was going, and that i had no business trying to shop with two babies. as if i had another option, i really wanted to place a screaming lila in her cart and say ‘you do better….’ plus or minus a few not-nice-words. instead, i looked at piper who was staring at me, and i nicely said, ‘happy thanksgiving.’ and turned to walk away.  the woman continued to yell at me as we were walking away and it was one of those moments that instantly brought tears.
i let some stranger who was probably having a horrible day change my mood instantly and get under my skin so deep, it put me in a funk the rest of the day.
but then tonight, as we tucked our sweet girls in, it was giggles, lovins, and ‘amens’ as we said our prayers, thanking god for all he has blessed us with… and the blessings are plentiful.

15037341_425510797572623_1502076983974888012_nit’s amazing how when we focus on the negative…it consumes us. it eats away slowly at the innermost, deepest corner of your soul, and for me, today it was ugly.

because i usually like to keep things light around here, which is usually a fine balance with being transparent and real.. i thought it would be appropriate to end this post with the things i am most thankful for… i could go on and on..this list wasn’t hard to make. when you start focusing on the good… your heart can multiply those feelings…

i love reading these posts for others and seeing what they’re thankful for, so please tell me!! what are you thankful for?!

1.  zach… i brag on this guy as much as humanly possible because well, he deserves it. he’s not perfect. we do not have a perfect marriage but this man.. goodness. he loves me more than i could ever ask and his little girls are the light of his life.. my bestest friend and absolute love of my life.

2. my littlest minis… we’re in the tantrum stage of life and they are for sure giving me a run for my money most days, but i can’t help but look at them in those terrible, screaming, flailing on the floor fits and see these tiny little beings that  were once fighting for their lives. there isn’t a single day i don’t thank god for such beautiful, strong, happy little girls. i am living my dream being home with them and i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

3. family.. yea, yea, yea.. i sound like a broken record…hubby, kids, family. but in all seriousness… zach and i have been beyond blessed with families who most would call obnoxiously involved… and it is hands down, one of my favorite things about our crazy life. i don’t go a single day without talking to my sister and mom…and most of the time zach’s family as well. my dad calls me to ‘catch up’, my step-parents are the proudest grandparents of them all, and aunts fight over babysitting duties. i will brag on my family till the day i die because i am so proud to have a family who has messed a lot of things up…but there is one thing they haven’t messed up and that is teaching how to love people. i’m so thankful to raise my children in a family who chooses love on a daily basis.

4. friends who are family… i have a lot of friends. a lot of very different friends. best friends from every stage of life that i could pick up the phone, tell them i needed them and no questions asked, they might need to find a babysitter, but they’d be there 😉 life gets hard. it gets messy and everyone deserves a friend who will tell you it’s okay. it will pass. i’ve been there. it sucks, but you’re doing a good job. a great  job. and to tell that lady in kroger to shove it.

5. holiday spice flat white.. venti please. good night where has this been all my life. christmas exploding in your mouth in the most delicious, creamy, subtle way. not too sweet and flavorful… yep, i’m definitely thankful for my beautiful cup of coffee.

6.  all of our medical staff… not a day goes by that i don’t think about someone on our medical team who has changed our lives for the better. from prenatal care to our nicu nurses….neurologists to therapists. i couldn’t be more thankful for the men and women who care so deeply for people they barely know. professionals who have become friends….thank you.

7. our service men and women. we live in a country that prides ourselves on freedom…that doesn’t come free. we have men and women who put their lives on the line every day, kiss their families goodbye, not knowing if they’ll return home. veterans, police officers, active duty, fire fighters…the list goes on and on and on. to all the families… thank you.

8. sunshine.. it just is happy.

9. you all… i have received the kindest words lately and seemingly random. i wasn’t sure where this journey would take me and working with amazing companies to bring you the best of the best…and letting me share a little piece of my heart, truly, words can’t describe how thankful i am for each of you! i so appreciate the support and love.. you’ve made this what it is today!! thank you!

10. jesus.. y’all know my heart for jesus and really i can’t end a post like this without mentioning my trust in something way bigger than i am. so many days i feel defeated, my hope is in the lord and i know his plans are far better than i could understand.

i hope you have the most magnificent thanksgiving full of laughter, servanthood, and good company. choose love and be kind.

what are you thankful for this week??



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2 thoughts on “giving thanks 2016

  1. As for the lady at Krogers, “You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions.” Been there, done that, ha-ha! I’ve thought to myself many times, when I’ve had a similar situation that I’m so glad I’m not married to that person. Thank you (Lindsey) for the reason I smile some days! God is good!

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