holiday gift guide for HIM | 2017

happy december 1st! this guy definitely deserves more than i could ever gift him, but i love to take the opportunity to show him how much i love him with some thoughtful gifts. someone asked after my last gift guide if we actually gift each other all of these things and the answer is a big fat “NO”… some of these things have been gifts in the past or simply a ‘wish list’. i just like to give options based on your budget, your guy and how ahead you are in the shopping game {thank you amazon prime!!}

zach’s a pretty simple guy..he likes clothes, he loves his tools and even more so, he’s so sentimental and loves anything that has though put into it.
as always, let me know what you’re getting the guys in your life!!

JORD watch
this wood watch is absolutely stunning. if you’re looking for a unique gift option that is classic and timeless {ha, get it?!}, the folks over at JORD have you covered. there is a watch for any budget {and you can even snag a women’s watch for yourself…i mean… your sister…}. i have to be careful with accessories for zach because he’s pretty hard on his stuff and he wears the exact same sports watch on a daily basis…but since he’s gotten this watch, he’s mentioned it at least once every day, if that tells you anything!
a couple notes about this watch… this is from their dover collection and made with 100% natural hand-finished wood. it has a skeleton dial {has full movement exposure} and is treated to be splash proof. JORD also offers custom engraving to add a personal touch to the watch box or even watch itself!
discount code: i’m so excited to be teaming up with JORD to offer readers a 25% off coupon code, making gifting a bit easier this season!! this is the biggest discount they’ve ever done, so don’t miss out! code expires december 19 so don’t wait!! {CLICK HERE FOR 25% DISCOUNT!}


stitch fix gift card
i’m pretty sure zach made fun of me for the first 3 years i did stitch fix, but when he opened his very own gift card last year and then received his first fix… he admitted that this service was ‘actually pretty cool’.. boo-ya! that shirt right there… he wears it probably on a weekly basis and it’s his ‘favorite shirt’ from yours truly! if you have a guy who needs to up his fashion game or just needs a little closet refresher, this is the perfect easy gift to nudge him along. trust me when i say if he’s anything like zach, he’ll give you a hard time at first…and then thank you on a weekly basis after the fact!
**HUGE BONUS! stitch fix is offering all new customers a waived styling fee using this link through january meaning your guy {and you!!} can try it risk-free!! if you hate it, send it all back no charge! all you have to do is fill out a style profile with your sizes + preferences, schedule your fix and try it out! trust me when i say it’s the best mail day ever!**

buck naked undies
true story, my dad + sister found these and thought it was hilarious and right up zach’s alley to get him a pair of these and had heard good things about them. get zach talking long enough and i guarantee he’ll start talking about his undies, ha! he seriously LOVES them and has asked for them the last 3 years! can’t go wrong on that one!

wrench set
if you’re looking for a last minute gift for that hands-on guy in your life, this is a super easy one to snag on amazon prime!! my understanding is that ‘ya can’t have too many wrenches’… take that one for what it’s worth!

new balance shoes
another item that has been on zach’s list literally every year since we got married has been some version of these new balance shoes. he rocks ’em with khakis, a button up + tie every day to work as well as jeans on the weekends. he has a couple pairs that he rotates out and he consistently gets a pair each year under that tree!

express button up shirts
zach wears a shirt + tie every day to work and every year i try to snag him a shirt or two to replace one he has in the closet…after 10 years, it’s time for some upgrades and these shirts fit him amazingly. they hold up beautifully and he gets compliments regularly when he wears them. these have become my go-to when he needs a replacement shirt!

range finder
i literally have no idea what this is other than it’s on zach’s list and i know it’s for hunting!! he’s practical in his hunting gear {or so i’m told} but i know he likes quality gear…so. if you have a hunter in your fam, this is supposed to be a good one!!

i had gotten zach a speaker a year or two ago that seemed to have grown legs and walked away, but it was one of his favorite presents. we had gotten SUCH great use out of his portable speaker… it traveled with us down to the lake, beach, in the barn, for cookouts and even around the house. you can’t go wrong with a water-resistant speaker and it’s totally something everyone can get good use out of!

miter saw
this is such an odd one to have here but i think if you asked zach if he could have one thing in the entire world, it would be a miter saw…this has been on his list for awhile…so if you’re looking for a big ‘ooh + ahhh’ and you have a handy man on your hands…this might be the winner!

a HUGE thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post and ivory lamb photography for your incredible talent capturing all these pics of my handsome boys!

Wooden Wristwatch

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  1. Lindsey great gift ideas for the guys! I appreciate the ideas and the Jord watch is awesome! two thumbs up!!

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