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uniquegiftsforhimthere is nothing that screams ‘the holiday’s’ more than christmas gift guides and i’m super excited to team up with JORD wood watches to bring you this one today!! you are sure to find something for every man in your life and what better way to kick it all off than with a contest?! a contest where everyone is a winner?! sign. me. up! don’t forget to scroll all the way down to enter and you’ll be well on your way to checking the men on your list off!

for the man who likes to be on time

JORD watch gift1.  JORD wood watch
you may remember seeing my love for JORD wood watches a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, zach was a bit jealous! well, he recently got to try his very own unique wood watch (you can find his watch here) an it couldn’t be more perfect. comfort. style. unique.
do yourself a favor and sleep in this black friday…any man in your life would be lucky to see one of these under the tree!  what’s even better? a contest where everyone is a winner! simply click the link at the bottom of the post, enter your name and email and you will receive your $25 towards any watch! you’re only problem will be choosing a watch..for her or for him?!

for the man who likes to look the part

2.  Stitch Fix
you saw zach’s first reveal a couple weeks ago and he loved it! his stylist nailed his style and he now has added a couple staple items to his closet. quality clothes for the man who needs a little help or appreciates style…it just doesn’t get easier the folks over at stitch fix have made your life even easier with gift cards! whether you’re ahead of the game or need a last minute item to wrap under the tree, gift the man {or lady} in your life a gift card from stitch fix!

3.  dollar shave club
zach and i are BIG into the stockings…they could be my fav part of christmas morning! razors + toothbrushes always make their way into our stockings and i was recently complaining about how expensive razors are.  i wanted to change things up a bit and when i did the math on the dollar shave club and found it to be way cheaper than buying razors in the store… i had to jump in! they also have some awesome add-ons (we’re trying the shave butter this time!) – i can’t wait for zach to find these in his stocking this year!!

for the foodie

4.  hello fresh
we have a serious love for hello fresh in this family and it’s a win-win for everyone in this house. healthy. delicious. easy to follow recipes. while i am typically the one in the kitchen, these healthy meals find us both enjoying to cook together. the recipes are so easy to follow and they are so so good!! whether you need a little recipe inspiration or a fun date night, hello fresh is sure to deliver. it winds up being cost effective and they even have family boxes!! i like to choose which meals are delivered, however i have never been disappointed. you can give a gift card to parents or your brother or sign your man up to receive a surprise box! hello fresh is a sure win!! **bonus: use the code 222525GERD5H for $40 your first box!

5.  grill kit
if you have a griller in your family, a simple toolkit like this one is a sure way to bring a smile to their faces. we love to grill out every chance we get and when men have nice tools to make their life easier…well, everyone is happy!!


for the man who plays hard

6.  personalized growler 
over the years, zach has learned to appreciate a good beer over his usual ‘cline light’. these beauties popped up in my email a couple of weeks ago and how perfect for the man in your life who appreciates a good beer?! personalize it however you wish and there are so many options!

7.  yeti rambler colster 
these yeti’s have been on my own list for a couple of years now, but this is an easy go-to if you’re looking for something simple for any man in your life. they explain it like a bear hug for your drink…can or bottle! it keeps your beer or soda frosty longer and you may even be able to steal it for a go-round 🙂

8.  sonos bluetooth speaker 
if you’re looking for a mini speaker to fill any room, look no further. zach likes to jam while he’s working in the barn and this tiny speaker has some power. connect to any music device with bluetooth and you’re ready to rock in the bathroom, barn or backyard without having to worry about humidity! trust me, it’s worth every penny and you will not be disappointed!

for the outdoorsman

9.  yard dice
i came across these while playing on the duluth website and we’re all about the outside games.  i know these will be a hit next summer for all the cookouts and bonfires. these dice come with directions for your favorite family games or throw some back with some friends and play various drinking games down at the lake!

10.  buck naked boxers
first, let me apologize for having an underwear picture on here. second, these people have no clue who i am and i sell more for them than any other company, ha! while i would never usually include boxers on a gift guide because well…it’s boring and these pictures really just don’t do much for me. i can’t not include them. my sister and dad found these last year for zach and there isn’t a week that has gone by that zach hasn’t mentioned his love for these things. they have held up amazingly well and he consistently reminds me to do the wash when he has to wear his boring old boxers. they’re certainly expensive for underwear, but i promise, they’re worth every pretty penny.


here’s the fun part! click here to enter the JORD holiday contest and the best part is everyone is a winner!! simply enter your name and email and you will instantly be sent a code for $25 off any watch of your choice!! i can’t wait to hear what you choose! details: contest will run through 12/18 and code will be good until 2/28.

thank you to JORD for partnering with twin peeks to bring you this gift guide. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.  this post may contain affiliate links to where if you, the reader, make a purchase after clicking the link, i may receive a small compensation. i appreciate your support and hope you enjoy!

so what about you?! what’s #1 on your man’s list?! i’d love to hear!



Watches Made From Wood

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  1. Great man-gift ideas, thanks! I can testify to the value of any Yeti product, outstanding to the max. I can also agree wholeheartedly that Sonos is the way to go, we have them all over the house and they are incredible, plus you control them with your smartphone. Good stuff! ?

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