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is it just me or are you running around with your head cut off?! we’re in full on christmas mode over here and we’re l o v i n g it!!
parties, play dates, family dinners, shopping and zach and i are even sneaking in a date day!
so much fun and having toddlers this year has made it way more fun than i ever could have imagined.
in all of the hustle + bustle, there is one person i tend to forget about and that is taking care of me. as a mama, it is so easy to put myself last in line for tending to and there are weeks that it shows more than others. i get so much enjoyment out of spoiling the people i love, but i rarely take time out of my schedule to spoil myself. if there is one thing i have learned in being a mama, it is that if i’m not on top of my will show. when i forget to eat healthy, work out, or even take some time to get my nails done, it just wares on you.
if you’re local to the dayton area.. hang with me and i have something you are absolutely not going to want to miss!!

have you heard all the rave about blow outs lately?! i’ve started seeing it all over instagram and i’ll be honest, i’ve been dying to check it out.  i wasn’t sure what all to expect but after my sister got one in chicago for a wedding, i was determined to find somewhere in the dayton area to treat myself to some pampering. after a quick search, i found jungle red salon and fell in love. y’all know my love for small shops and i found the jackpot. from the moment you walk in, you’re greeted with smiles + a beautiful space…this will soon become your one stop shop for everything you need!! i literally could spend all day here and with such a convenient location at austin landing with flexible hours (7 days a week!!), you literally can’t NOT find something!!

blow out

this is definitely the service that brought me to jungle red salon and it absolutely did not disappoint. whether you are looking to try out a new style, learn some new styling tricks, get ready for a holiday party or just go out for a girls shopping day, this is the easiest way to get pampered!! no cuts, no colors… just letting someone play with your hair!! seriously, dana is amazingly talented…the best hair styling i’ve ever had done and the way she did it made it last 3 days… don’t judge. a little touch up here and there and i rocked that style out!! so easy.. i can’t believe this was my first time trying it out!!

novalash eyelash extensions

these could be my favorite thing in the universe… have you seen these babies?!?! i could go on. and on. and on. about how amazing these are, but you just need to try it for yourself.  my girl, joanna, has some serious talent. she was so precise, meticulous and wanted them perfect (and so did i!!).  i have been stopped, almost every time i go out of the house, being asked if my lashes are real because they are beautiful. and they are. i’m going on 3 weeks now and they look just as good as they did when i walked out of the salon. they’re expensive, don’t get me wrong…i wish i had a money tree and this would be the first thing that went on that list. but, if you take reeeeally good care of them, they will last and they are most certainly worth every penny. i can literally roll out of bed, pull my mop into a top knot, throw on some lip gloss and look like i’m a semi-put together mama. now that, is worth every penny!! if you’ve been questioning it…do it. you won’t regret it!!

shellac manicure

i’ve had my fair share of shellac manicures in my pre-baby days..and while the best thing about them is that they last longer than a regular manicure, i often felt like i got the short end of the stick for the ‘pampering’ part of the manicure. i know there are reasons why you can’t use the lotion, etc. but i still felt like i was missing out. i can honestly say this spa manicure was the best manicure i have ever had in my life.  jenny was so, so kind, and i sat back and enjoyed all of the pampering getting my nails beautiful!! 2.5 weeks later and my nails haven’t chipped a bit… i’m so glad to say i’ve found my go-to girl!!

airbrush makeup

have you ever had your makeup done?! this was my third time ever getting air brush…only third to my wedding and my best friends wedding and it is by far the only way to do it!! such a special treat and if you ever need to have your makeup done, look no further. it lasts forever, stays put, and doesn’t budge through sweat (tried and true for my wedding) or tears! joanna is just as talented of a makeup artist as she is with the lashes and aside from the airbrushing…the lipsense they use is ah-maz-ing!!! so many kisses for the littles that day and not once did they have smudges on their sweet cheeks!!!

so there it is ladies, have you ever had any of these services?! what do you think?!
grab your mama, sister, or best girls and make some time for a little last minute pampering! if you don’t have time to squeeze anything more in, you’re in luck…january is the perfect time to make some time for yourself. so from now until january 31 2017, mention twin peeks when making your appointment to save 15%!! if you’ve been dying to try a much needed blow out, beautiful eyelash extensions, a long-lasting pampering manicure or even need to find a new stylist, now is the time to check it out!!

a HUGE thanks to jungle red salon for the sponsoring of this post.  as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own!



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6 thoughts on “holiday mama pampering | jungle red salon + discount code

  1. Where do I sign up? I will be trying out Jungle Red Salon very soon because you look amazing little Momma. I’m a firm believer that if we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t bee?on our A-game for others and a little pampering now and then gives us a chance to love ourselves back. ??

    1. You’ll be so glad you did!!! You’ll love it!! Just call to make an appointment for whatever service(s) you want and mention Twin Peeks for the 15% discount!! Easy as pie!!

  2. Yes, I want to go as well! I’ve heard so many good things! Thanks, Lindsey!

  3. Did you happen to catch the name of the lipstick color they used on you in the photo? It is a nice color. Very subtle, but beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Jamie! I don’t off the top of my head but I’m going in this week so I’ll ask and let you know!

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