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well, we’re in the homestretch of this pregnancy and we’re awaiting miller’s arrival! time is flying and this third trimester seems to be going by in a blink of an eye.
while this is technically our third baby to welcome into the world, it’s really only the first pregnancy that we have made it to the point of delivering a healthy baby without complications.  i have packed a hospital bag before, but it was in preparation of an extended stay of 6 weeks on hospital bedrest, knowing we would have premature babies via c-section {you can read about that here}. so while this is new territory, i certainly learned a LOT about hospitals and a LOT about newborns.
what is NEW information to me is packing a hospital bag in preparation for VBAC {vaginal birth after cesarean}.  one lesson i have learned the hard way is babies don’t read ‘the book.’ keeping that in mind, i will be hoping for a VBAC but preparing for a c-section.
i am notoriously an over-packer and have been forced to cut that down when i have multiple little hands and bodies needing my attention. from diaper bags to hospital bags, i have to consciously remind myself to only pack what i really need.

**if you’re like me and love checklists, scroll all the way down for a free printable list!**

for mama

delivery robe – you all know my love for PinkBlush for both maternity and non-maternity clothes and you better believe i have multiple items packed in my hospital bag. i’ve had my eye on this beautiful delivery robe since we found out we were pregnant and i can’t wait to use it when our sweet boy makes his arrival.  open tie front with a crochet trim, this lightweight robe will be perfect for wearing with company and around the hospital before we go home.

jammie pants/sweatpants {2-3} – another of my favorites, these are seriously the most comfy pants you’ll ever own and i made sure to snag another pair to take to the hospital.  i literally live in these now  and they’re only getting better after each wash…they will definitely be a staple in my post-partum wardrobe and for a long time to come.
nursing tank {2-4}- whatever shirts you throw in your bag, make sure they’re comfy + easy. this is not the time to be fussing around with uncomfortable shirts while you’re learning to nurse and bond with your sweet babe.
nursing bra {2-3}- these bras are my favorite nursing bras and i splurged this time around for new ones. so comfortable and soft, this is totally one of those items i think it’s necessary to splurge on and include in the hospital bag.
cardi {1} – hospitals are cold. the hot-flashes of labor + the coldness of the rooms requires layering, so make sure to pack at least one lightweight cardi to layer over those nursing tanks.
slippers – this is one of those personal preferences, but for me, my slippers make me feel at home.  they have rubber soles and are comfortable to wear around are great for when you’re up and about.

the basics: shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo {duh}, face wash/routine, hairbrush and dryer, toothbrush + toothpaste, makeup basics {for me, that’s my powder, mascara and lip gloss}, deodorant
hair ties + bobby pins – if you have long hair, you want an easy way to throw your hair up and get it up off your neck and out of your little peanuts face while you’re trying to nurse.
chapstick – throw your favorite chapstick in the bag because the air is dry. if you’re there a couple of days, you’ll want your favorite balm bedside to keep your lips moist {along with the copious amounts of water you should be drinking!

meds: check with your doctor, but make sure you bring everything you normally take!
binder: i received one of these after my c-section with the girls and i literally couldn’t have lived without it.  i’ll be getting another but have heard from some friends that this isn’t offered to everyone.  check with your practitioner and if this isn’t standard for you, make sure you bring your own so you don’t feel like your insides are falling out!
pillow – another personal preference, but i ALWAYS sleep better with my own pillow!

for baby

coming home outfit – i have two outfits packed in our bag because i’m terrified our little man won’t be squeezing into any newborn outfits.  i chose something easy, both of which were gifts from friends that i just think are beyond precious.
beanie – this may be one of my favorite things of all time…but i have this personalized beanie packed and ready to put on our baby brother.  i just can’t get enough of the cuteness and you can even get matching goodies!
carseat – you don’t need this until you go home, but you obviously can’t leave the hospital without it.  leave it in the car until you’re being discharged and then have hubby bring it in as you’re packing up!
boppy – i used my twin breast friend in the hospital with the girls and i’m looking forward to only using a single boppy for one baby! if you’re new to nursing, i think it’s best to work with the lactation consultant to try different positions while you are there to get the hang of what’s comfortable! you may learn you hate the boppy, but at least you will have help while you’re there!
swaddle blanket – they have blankets in the hospital, but if you want to use your own blanket for pictures, this makes for an easy little set-up!

for dad

swimming trunks – i’m anticipating wanting to labor in the shower/tub for at least some of the time and want to make sure that if i want zach in with me, he can be!
jams – whatever is comfy!
toiletries – daddy’s going to need a shower too, so make sure he has the basics: body wash, shampoo, face wash, deodorant and toothbrush!
snacks – zach is a type 1 diabetic so this is super important for us, but even without diabetes, labor has the potential to be a l.o.n.g. process. make sure you’re both able to stay on your a-game with some snacks!
change of clothes – or two/three. something easy and comfortable!
pillow – again, personal preference but those hospital beds just aren’t all that comfy.  this is an easy way for him to get some shut-eye.
blanket – again, hospitals are cold! while he will be offered a sheet and a light blanket, you might want an extra one to throw on.

labor comfort bag

essential oils – i’m planning to put these on a cool {or hot} washcloth and would love to get a diffuser for the room… we’ll see if we get there.
tennis ball – we’ve been practicing different massages with tennis balls and have found it useful!
essential oils shower balls – i had mentioned these in my mother’s day gift ideas and then my bonus mama surprised us with them for mothers’ day! how thoughtful!! i’m planning to use one or two at home and keep one or two in the hospital bag to try if i’m laboring in the shower.

the essentials

water bottle – my favorite water bottle will be making it’s way into my bag last minute because i use it all day every day.  if you’re on the hunt for a good one..this is seriously by far my favorite. i also have the straw lid which i would recommend for your hospital stay!
phone charger – for obvious reasons…just remember the longest cord you have!
camera – documentation!!
phone – …. duh. this will be a last minute thing, but make sure you don’t leave it at home!
insurance cards – it’s probably safer to just have these in your wallet and throw your wallet in your bag!

what you probably DON’T need

diaper bag + diapers – the hospital has everything you need for your baby… save yourself and just resist bringing it.  the only exception would be if you’re not planning on going home after leaving the hospital..and then i’ll call you crazy 🙂
nipple cream – again, the hospital will provide this…and it’s probably the best kind!
collace/stool softener – you shouldn’t be taking any medicine that the hospital doesn’t provide and they’ll give you stool softener if you need it!
towels – i suppose if you’re super picky about towels then you can throw one in…but the hospital will give you fresh ones every time you need them!
baby care items {butt paste, baby wash, etc.} – guess what…the hospital has it all 🙂
a million baby outfits – i know, you’re excited about dressing your little sweet bundle of joy in every cute outfit you received, but the reality is that they stay swaddled most of their stay and they also will be given little onesies that they can wear under their swaddle blanket!
underwear – i’ve heard both preferences. we were in NICU for so long that i did wear my own underwear…but it wasn’t until i was discharged myself that i started wearing my own undies.  blood. ooze…. i’ll stop there. just wear the mesh and pads they provide. again, save yourself the room.
breast pump – the hospital has their own hospital grade pump that i promise is better than yours at home.  you’ll have plenty of time to use your pump but especially during those first few days, if you have to pump, you’ll want to use the hospital-grade pump!

 labor hospital bag checklist

{click link to download printable}
Hospital Bag Checklist

am i missing anything?! what would be the #1 thing you couldn’t live without while you were in the hospital?!

**a HUGE thank you to megan and joy photography for your amazing talent and PinkBlush for providing product for review.**

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13 thoughts on “hospital bag checklist | pinkblush {with free printable!}

  1. I had a mini hand held fan that was super nice while I was in labor.. but you know that I’m the sweatiest person on the planet. Lol. I also used a sleep mask (bc they make you sleep with a light on ?). Love you! ?

  2. This took me back. I really love your checklist. It is visually laid out so well. I agree about not bringing too much, especially for baby. Skin to skin is best anyway, even if you don’t plan to breastfeed.

  3. I remember packing the hospital bag was such an exciting and scary time – in equal measure! Love that you have a printable too.

  4. Man, does this take me back to when my now teen daughter and tween sons were entitled to this treatment, love motherhood

  5. Wow I never realized you needed so much for the hospital, but I can see why you would need all the items you listed! I haven’t had kids yet, but I appreciate posts like this that will be great for when that time comes. Thanks!

  6. What a great list! When I was pregnant, one of my favorite things to do was look up hospital check lists. Good luck!

  7. I absolutely love it. What a wonderful and thoughtful list. Everybody is well taken care of.

  8. I loved, loved, loved having my delivery robe with me at the hospital. I didn’t bring one the first time and totally wished I had!

  9. Yes, yes!! Steal all the mesh undies. I also suggest a nursing nightgown (just in case you do end up with a c-secion). I had an unplanned c-section with my first, and had only brought comfy pants and nursing tank tops. Well those pants weren’t happening. With my second I hoped for a vbac, but ended up with another c-section. Mama didn’t raise no fool though and I came prepared (even wore a maxi dress home).

    That being said, I so hope that you get your vbac!! I’ll say prayer that it goes smoothly friend!

  10. I, personally, brought my nursing pillow to the hospital with my second and third children. It was really hard for me to nurse without it in the beginning when they were so little and I was having cramps. We left it in the car until after the baby was born then I asked my hubby to get it once we were settled in our recovery room. Good luck!!!!

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