thy will be done | jesus saves, bro

so often i find myself consumed in my own plans and hoping that god somehow will jump on board with whatever i have going on… it tends to lead to anxiety + fear when MY plans don’t work out the way i think they should.


cancer. infertility. high-risk pregnancy. vasa previa. nicu. twins.

they all lead to one thing… god is bigger. he is bigger than my plans. bigger than my fears. bigger than me.

but yet i still doubt. i doubt His goodness. His plans. His promises. His will.

img_1992then i have these moments. i look at these sweet faces. these shirts. the first shirts i ever bought them when i found out i was pregnant. these shirts that i still shove them into even though they don’t fit anymore because they shed such light. such hope.
jesus saves, bro.

img_1987we went to ducky’s therapy this morning and i wrote down this amazing company’s website 5x for strangers….5x!!!
imperishable clothing co.
in their ‘about’ page, it says, ‘we’re just a small group of folks really stoked about jesus.  the mission over here is to start a jesus saves, bro conversation with each shirt that we print!’
well, it works… i got to talk to 5 strangers today about jesus with about 25 other ears listening.. they got it down, guys.

img_1976i needed this reminder today and it always slaps me square in the face when i need to get my mind refocused on Him. in the simplest of ways, my girls running through a soybean field and i am reminded…
he is god, and i am not

spreading jesus’ love, ya’ll… it’s what it’s about.



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5 thoughts on “thy will be done | jesus saves, bro

  1. I’ve always loved these shirts and I appreciate the link, I’m headed over to check it out. Jesus,………you bet-cha! ?✝

    1. They’re definitely some of my favorites!! you’ll love what you see, Im sure you won’t be able to resist it!! 🙂

  2. I appreciate your blog to remind me that Jesus is ALWAYS bigger than I am, we are……. Even I/we doubt. This week has been a week of doubts with relatives and friends having health issues. I tell people to have faith – but I need to listen to my advice too!:) Thanks Linds.

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