lila + piper | 18 month update

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18 months.

it feels like forever since i’ve done one of these updates…and yet it seems impossible that my tiny wee babes are 18 months. i feel like if i keep saying 18 months that it won’t quite be a year and a half, meaning we’re not a mere 6 months away from a 2nd birthday.

we went for the girls’ wellness visit this morning and it cracked me up walking through the hall to our room and every single nurse came out to see my teeny’s toddling through the hallway.  they have been a source of life and i feel like i know them all by name as they’ve talked be off so many ledges over the last 18 months.  i was so proud to be walking down the hall hand in hand with my little ladies to talk about how much they’ve grown and developed.

19lbs. 4oz. | 31 inches | 12 teeth

ducky, ducky, ducky.
you are a hoot, missy. if i had enough pictures and space on here to capture each of your hilarious faces…you are seriously the most expressive little girl i have ever met in my life. you don’t hesitate to mean mug just about anyone who ventures to say ‘hi’ or wave…which quickly turns into such a shy smirk if you’ve deemed said person worthy of a glimpse into that big heart.
you are full of so much love, wanting to snuggle anything with a face… babies. puppies. dolly’s. even books with a kitty on them. so. much. love.
you’re sassy as sassy can be and the terrible two’s have started peeking through when you hear the word ‘no.’ but as quick as it comes, it leaves just as fast and i’m left with this itty bitty puddle of adorableness, making you giggle and squeal.

you’re so petite, falling a little behind and now in the 1-3% in weight but killing it with those string bean legs and you’re in the 50th percentile in height.  you’re booty can squeeze into 3-6month shorts because you’re waist is so tiny, but pants are a struggle finding the length to fit those long legs.  still in size 3 diapers and not moving any time soon, you’re little nakey bum is just about my favorite thing on the planet.

you love: music. books. dancing. elmo (although you’ve only watched sesame street a total of 3x). ellen (dancing, duh). goodnight, moon. mac n’ cheese. all the duck & goose books. carrots. cookies. grilled cheese. hot dogs. pancakes. yogurt. all animals, although you’ll scream ducky if you see one anywhere. kitty cats. play doh. bo bo. bracelets. bows. shoes. socks. sitting in my lap and reading. being chased by your daddy. climbing. sliding.

your motor development has run us the gamut and caused your mama more stress than i know what to do with. we’ve been to more specialists than i care to count. you’ve had more pricks and blood draws than i ever wish you had to endure. X-rays. ultrasounds. pricks and pokes. but by golly, you are rather determined! we’ve received nothing but good news and you’re trucking along in those lime green + purple braces, getting up when you fall and dusting those hands off. you LOVE you’re physical therapist, sarah and the gals at the center beam when you little ladies come waltzing through those doors. you’re not the toughest cookie in the batch but you most certainly are determined to beat those odds. you’re walking a little better and even climbing up ladders and stairs. killing it little lady!!

you’re communication is through the roof and you can imitate almost any sound or two word approximations. you hilariously talk to each of your animals and tell sis off when she’s taken a toy from your hands. you love to sing and point to pictures in books.
you’re dramatic and sensitive and so easily get your feelings hurt, but you’re quick to forgive and so resilient. you’re passionate and intense and 100% me, 100% of the time.

sweet girl, how i love you. i watch you become your own tiny little person and am so proud of everything you’ve overcome. you have so many great plans and are so full of love. you’re beyond precious and god knew what he was doing placing you in this big world. you have so many things ahead of you, i just love to watch you learn. you’re as sweet as sweet can be, ducky. i love you, so.

21lbs. 6oz. | 30.5inches | 11 teeth

oh goodness, my little lila bean, how you have grown.
you are the biggest little bundle of joy, lover of life, care-free, bull in a china shop nut job. you are absolutely hilarious and spend most of your day, hands in the air laughing at who knows what. you are so fun to watch and explore, getting into evvvverrrryyyyyttthing. you have no fear, except if a male stranger tries to talk to you, which i suppose isn’t a terrible thing.
you love to play and will happily stack, build, scoot, dump, pour, or read independently for 20 minutes at any given time. you wave spastically at pretty much anyone passing by and flash your goofy smile at anyone who wants to look. you’re such a ham and your personality and demeanor are contagious.
you love to read and scoot your booty up to anyone willing to read to you. you’re favorites are your bible, little blue truck, 5 little monkeys, and my pretty pink alphabet.

you love: balls. bouncing on someone’s lap. stomping. dancing. cars. reading. bailey. throwing bailey’s ball. climbing. the sandbox. anything outside. bubbles. sliding. swinging. mac n’ cheese. black beans. green beans. bananas. oranges. stealing mommy’s drinks. playing in mommy + daddy’s shower. necklaces. necklaces. necklaces. boxes. fish sticks. blueberries. good night, blueberries. you’ll become a blueberry some day. waffles with peanut butter. cows. dogs. balloons.

you run everywhere full force and when you crash, you crash hard. your teeniest snoring is the sweetest sound and the way you tilt your head after getting in trouble melts my heart every time. you’re such a tough cookie but when you’re feelings are hurt, they get hurt hard.
you’re speech is such a roller coaster and some days i find you’re trying so hard, while others you mumble through and point your way into everything. you nod your head so emphatically every time you try a new sound and are persistent to get what you want.
you’re the biggest helper and love to throw things away…i think you’ve thrown a little too much away. details.

where you’re language skills lack, your gross motor skills are perfectly on track. you’re running and jumping, climbing on anything you can get your toots on. you love to point out your different body parts and have even called mama out on some really awesome parts in public. so it becomes, you’re going to be my wild child. you’re the absolute opposite of everything i thought you would be and i couldn’t be happier you’ve proven me wrong at every corner.
you’ve seen your fair share of time outs and sob every time attention is removed, but you wipe your tears and flash that sweet sweet smile, hugging your way out of anything.

you’re hilariously funny. you’re as sweet as pie. you are your aunty through and through and will be playing every sport you can manage. you live life to it’s fullest and cram as much into your tiny day as humanly possible, making your daddy and i laugh harder with each passing day.
this world is brighter because of you and you leave your shine everywhere you go. i love your beautiful heart, sweet girl and see the happiest, brightest future ahead of you. i’ve said it every time, you are going to change this world, my lila bean.

clnbsln-1066oh little ladies, i couldn’t be more proud to be your mama. i love you with my entire being and i can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring us!



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  1. My how they’ve grown and the photo of you with them is exquisive! Momma looks beautiful! TY for the health updates too. ???

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