love one another | valentine’s day 2017

first, i can’t thank you all enough for the kindest of words everyone shared as we announced our growing family would be expecting a little BOY come june.  we couldn’t be more excited and after everyone’s repeated shouts of praise for having mama’s boys… this mama is getting so so excited about what is to come!! from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!

love one another

truth be told, i’m totally a sucker for valentine’s day…and every other holiday, actually. i think it’s the preschool teacher in me, but i think every single holiday deserves a full week {or month} of celebrations, complete with activities, decorations, and clothes alike. now that i have two littles to play along, you better believe i’m taking full advantage of all of my bins stored up with v-day themed crafts and art activities!

it’s a season of love and while i don’t need a specific holiday to love on these two sweet cheeks and my incredibly handsome man… i totally take the opportunity to go a little over the top!! starting with… a million candy hearts being shoved in their mouths and all the shades of pink.

is there anything more sweet than ^these^ little booties in the vintage floral bloomers and love one another shirts?? let’s add in the moccs + bows. heavens to betsy.

we don’t really have any plans for the holiday other than the bazillion of ridiculous activities i have created for the girls {post coming soon}… but i just couldn’t help show off the love these two have for one another.

my biggest fear when i was pregnant was that the girls wouldn’t be the best of friends. …the things i got upset about…pshyco. sheesh.
anyways, my sister is my bestest friend and i just couldn’t imagine life without her. i was so excited that my girls would have each other forever…since the moment they were born, they would have a best friend readily available.  as they get older… my worries have diminished and i don’t think i have anything get my britches in a bunch about…the way they love on each other on a regular basis is just too cute for words. they kiss each other randomly, hold each other’s hands as they run down the hallway and break out into giggles after screaming over a toy.

this world needs so much love.
so go out, smile at someone today. choose kindness. choose joy. choose love. 

lila’s bows c/o
piper’s bow c/o
knee-high socks
moccs c/o



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18 thoughts on “love one another | valentine’s day 2017

  1. Aunt Ebby is the self proclaimed “Holiday Queen” and I love that you feel the same. ❤❤

    1. Thanks, Stephanie!! These shirts make it so easy to spread a message of kindness in the world!!

  2. It’s interesting that v day is so fun for kids but for adults it’s either a daunting task trying to make it perfect or as singles, hoping for some magical night. I love that for kids it’s all about loving others and chocolate and making sure everyone knows that they are loved!

    1. Adults make things so much more complicated than they should, don’t they?! I love the innocence and wonder of having kids!!

  3. This is so cute that you do this all
    Together!! We actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as much as we used to, it just got so expensive to go anywhere etc that we haven’t made as much effort but we are going out for a meal this year and To a concert. Love how you have made it fun for the girls a lot of adults dread Valentine’s Day. Kasie x

    1. I’m all about cheap these days… I love to do things that are fun without spending ridiculous amounts of money!!!

  4. Are they not absolute angels?! I would never want to put them to bed at night, they would be too much fun 🙂

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