miller lee | 3 months

3 m o n t h s

ooooh my sweet little boy. i’m currently having to share you between your two sisters and it’s actually become a fight lately who can hug you, kiss you and help you the most. you’re the most loveable, silly, sweet baby i’ve ever met and you just keep getting better and better with every new day.

just over 13 weeks into this crazy world and you are quickly developing the BEST personality. you’re my little buddy, best workout partner and little brother anyone could ask for. so easy going {unless of course you’re 2 minutes late for a feeding} and flashing that precious smile to anyone who takes a moment to say ‘hi.’
while we’re not exactly sure how much you weigh or how many inches you’ve grown, but you are starting to fill out those clothes and most definitely will be tipping the charts in length. you’re already outgrowing those 3 month jams and are almost kicking out the feet meaning i’m pulling out the 3-6mo. and 6mo. jams this week. you’re following in your sister’s path and have yet to give me any real baby chunk….but i see some rolls in those thighs starting to peek out and i am oh-so-excited!!

dockAtot c/o | swaddle c/o

s l e e p

still a champ in the sleep department… i keep saying i have got to get going on a more consistent schedule but the reality is our days vary so much and you’re so easy going that really, it’s easier not to have a schedule and just take it day by day. it’s kinda a toss up when you wake up but you’ll pretty consistently sleep from after your last feeding {usually around 9-1030pm} until 5-7am… most nights you’ll wake around 3-330 wiggling around, but i pop that paci in and you hold off giving me a few extra {very needed} zzz’s. we are following the sleep/feed/wake cycle and you’re pretty much consistently taking two pretty long naps during the day.
while you’re still sleeping in with us, i have started to have at least one nap in your room during the day.  it’s so funny to me how different and emotional i am this time around…the girls slept in their crib from day 1 and i never had a problem with that…but seeing you in that big ole {beautiful} crib, makes me tear up and quite frankly, miss you every time i put you down! pretty soon we’ll be transitioning you into your room for all sleeping times, so i’m holding on and cherishing every moment i have with you close by.

drool bandana bib c/o

f e e d

i couldn’t be more excited to announce we FINALLY dropped the nipple shield this month!! {i know you were super concerned 🙂 } after so many mama’s offered advice on instagam {i love this community!!!}, i made an appointment with the lactation consultant and we got in there to get some help. really, you had a pretty good latch and they basically suggested to drop the shield and tough it out for a week or so…and it worked! on the flip side, you’ve started spitting up a LOT. it takes a solid 15 minutes to get all of your burps out and if we miss one, you’ll so happily remind us by spitting up it really doesn’t seem to bother you much, so we’re going with it. i’m also finally starting to see some little rolls…hallelujah!!
you usually eat 6-7 times per day depending on when you get up and go to bed, and every once in awhile going through a growth spurt and eating every 2 hours or so.
on the flip side, we have been trying a bottle and it’s not going so great….homeboy likes his mama, what can i say.
any suggestions?!

p l a y + d e v e l o p m e n t

every day gets more and more fun with more and more smiles… you have the cutest little grin in the world, and although i may be a bit biased, you’re growing into the most adorable personality. you’ve discovered your hands and are starting to prefer them over your paci. speaking of, you’re following right in your sisters’ footsteps and i’m sure will be over it entirely within another month or so. you’ll take it if you’re ‘too tired’ and need a little help falling asleep but past that, you don’t want much to do with it.
you’re rolling over from tummy to back so fast i have to hold on to you just to snap a pic. you’re favorite toy is piper’s princess who you will talk to all day long! you have so much to say and are SO close to a giggle… you’ve let out a squeal here or there and i can’t wait to hear that big belly laugh that i know is coming!
you love your sisters and while piper waits on you hand and foot, you can spot lila bean from across the room and immediately have a full on conversation.

it’s so much fun to watch you contort that sweet little mouth trying to imitate sounds and that little forehead wrinkle just so as you try to figure out the world around you.
you love the carseat, swing, and basically anything that moves. you’re happy at tummy time, on your back, in a bouncer or being held…but morning snuggles could be my fav. the quiet before the storm and i’m eating up all the baby snuggs.

m i l l s

buddy, you give me baby fever and you’re still my small babe. you’re everything sweet + precious to your daddy and me and you’re often the last thing we talk about before falling asleep at night. your smile + coos melt my heart every single time and i just could eat those sweet cheeks right off of you. you’re the perfect distraction when i need a break and seeing you love your daddy makes my whole day.
you’re a tough cookie and have acquired a couple of boo-boo’s… your sisters aren’t raising a sissy, giving me plenty of gray hairs as i call the ped to see if we need to head to the ER. we share space more often than not and you’re SUCH a trooper just going with the flow.
i simply can’t imagine what life was like before you…i never though possible, but probably less coffee… it’s fine. it’s the best kind of exhausted and i honestly would do it over and over again if i got to have you.
we love you so much, sweet boy and thank the Lord every single night…and dinner. and lunch…and basically whenever the girls talk to God…’and tank you for baby mill-ya. AAA-men.’

p h o t o  d u m p


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8 thoughts on “miller lee | 3 months

  1. Aww, those photos are all so adorable! Congrats on dropping the shield! I know how difficult it can be to use one for a long time.

  2. He is sooooooo sweet. Thank you for sharing hsi journey with moms like me who are dealing with the bittersweet feeling of going to school and miss those old times gone by.

  3. Such a cute little boy and a lovely update on your journey. No tips for the bottle, maybe try a few different teats. My 11 month old never took to the bottle either, there is a sippy cup that is aimed at 4 month olds so i just used that.

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