miller lee | 5 months

5 m o n t h s 

another month has come and gone and these sweet cheeks just keep getting better and better.
this little boy has stollen everyone’s hearts and is quite possibly the favorite in the house…those little rubber band wrists, chubby cheeks, and the best smile in the whole world. goodness gracious this boy.

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still rocking in the sleep department… we’re counting down the days to get this happy boy into his crib. to be completely honest, the only reason we haven’t yet is because it’s SO easy to have him in our bed, and quite frankly, i just love it. he’s such a champ, he sleeps like a rock in his dockAtot {how gorgeous is this new print?!} and i love being able to roll over and hold his hand whenever i want to. it’s not how we did it with the girls, but, we’ve loved the experience. he would have been fine to move to his crib months ago, but i just haven’t pulled the plug..and then recently, because our baby monitor has broke so i’m waiting until i order a new one.
for as much as i love it, i know it’s time to move him so he can get used to sleeping in his crib before he gets too mobile. the girls have always been great sleepers {except the first few months of toddler beds} and i fully attribute it to the great sleep habits we created with them. i want him to be independent and able to do that for himself, so…it’s time. and no worries, i’ve totally shed some tears over it.
our schedule is more of a routine these days which has proven to be pretty successful in our daily life. he’s more of a cat napper, but goes with the flow. we follow the sleep / feed / wake cycle, but i’m going to start working towards at least one solid nap so he can sleep with the girls from 2-4pm. miller will usually wake up for the day between 7-8am and then cat nap on and off in the car if we’re running errands or take a solid long nap in the morning.


bubby eats about every 3-4 hours usually, but over the last 2-3 days, he’s been wanting to eat after just 2 hours in the afternoon. growth spurt?? he’s gotten SUPER fast nursing and we’re starting and finishing within 10-15 minutes…such an improvement from those first few weeks! our schedule varies, but typically looks a little like this:
5am, 8, 12, 3, 7, 10pm


there are SO many new happenings… every day seems to bring about a new skill and something fun.

almost sitting up on his own…he can hold it for 5-20 seconds!! gah, he’s huge.

reaching for toys, grabbing them and putting them right in his mouth!! we recently received the toy arch with this new dockAtot cover and oh my goodness… mills LOVES playing and reaching for these little critters! not only are they adorable but they’re crunchy and a fan favorite in this house!

playing with toes..and toys. and basically anything within reach


the happy squeal

belly laugh – mainly for the sister girls

getting his little feelings hurt when we leave the room…i swear, he has theeeee best frown in the world, bless his heart!!

drool machine… i keep saying he’s gotta be teething, but no swollen gums or anything in sight!

literally the happiest baby in the world…he’s so social and will flash that gummy grin to anyone looking his way

playing during tummy time… he’s always been super strong and has held his head up for months, but i’ve always had a hard time keeping him there until last week when he started playing with toys while on his belly!

raspberries… and he thinks it’s hilarious.

standing when he can lean on something or holding hands…

loves to play by himself and yet is the biggest snuggle bug on the planet.

cutie patootie. sweet boy. buddy. cutie pie. mill-ya babe. stanky boy. sweet pea. bubby. mills. brutha.
the many names for our sweet boy.. he gets em all and he’s got all of our hearts.

**a special thank you to ivory lamb photography for capturing our precious boy**

miller lee

oh buddy, you’re the light of our lives and i literally can’t imagine life without you in it. you make our days so much brighter and you’re literally everything i never knew i needed. you’ve matured so much this last month and are becoming so aware of the world around you. you’re literally the sweetest more precious baby i’ve ever met and i keep waiting for you to have a flaw… other than your stinky toots. which the girls find hilarious.
you have two big sisters who ‘check on you’ about every 15 minutes and you’ll never go without a toy or blankey. you’ve come to love their attention and light up as soon as you hear them come in the room. you save your best + biggest belly laughs just for them and carry on with their antics, laughing as you go.
you have the cutest pout i’ve ever seen and it absolutely breaks my heart to see your feelings hurt. you’ll basically get whatever you want, whenever you want it and i’m constantly reminding myself that eventually i can’t give you the world…or can i?!
golly bud, i was so terrified to have a baby boy. i had no idea what to expect or how to be a boy mom…and you have me so smitten… as much as i love you and love our snuggles, you are such a daddy’s boy. it’s clear to everyone that your daddy has the most special place in your heart and by golly i swear if your fussing around and your daddy scoops you up, you’re perfectly fine, making me a liar.
gah,. i love you so much, bubby. those sweet cheeks. your adorable froggy belly. those long fingers + toes. your strawberry blonde hair. those precious eyes. your sweet little voice and giggle right before you eat. the way you nuzzle your head when you get tired. your precious personality that just beams…
we love you sweet boy.

photo dump

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  1. Look how fast the time has flown by. I love that that lil guy helps even the odds in the house to where guys at least have a say😉. We to say the least are blessed

  2. Such a sweet boy!! Good luck with the crib transition! We are doing the toddler bed now with our guy!

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