miller lee | 6 months

. 6 months .

6 WHOLE months!!! we’re officially closer to one and this sweet babe is coming into the biggest personality. he’s just as perfect, if not even more than he already was…not that i’m biased or anything…and i simply can’t imagine life without him. he’s the most adored little soul, full of toots + cheeks and his little blabbering fills the whole house with joy.

weight: 16 lbs {birth: 8lbs}
length: 26 in {birth: 22 in}

oh buddy, you’re at THE BEST age… the happiest little boy i’ve ever met, full of wonder + flashing the most adorable grin at absolutely anyone who looks your way. everything is exciting and i’m convinced you’ll skip that crawling business and go right to walking because you’re perfectly content wherever you are. you love to be snuggled but are just as happy to entertain yourself on the floor.
you have my favorite little giggle and most days you are over the moon for those big sisters of yours. you’re such a daddy’s boy and will wring that chubby neck around as far as humanly possible to search for his voice the moment he walks in the door. you’re waited on hand + foot and will never go a day without being smothered or knowing what personal space means.

most days i still can’t believe you’re mine and you give me baby fever with each passing day even though you’re still my small babe. these last 6 months have gone faster than i ever could imagine and while i would love to stop time, every day with you just gets better and better. i’m soaking up these last days of snuggles, my solly wrap, and having you contained because it won’t be much longer you’ll be on the move with the rest of them.

so what’s new?!
. e v e r y t h i n g .
you’re all of a sudden this big kid with this big ol’ personality.

you’re sitting with us now at dinner, we’ve started putting some foods on your tray and you’re watching our every move, just enjoying the show.

you think lila is hysterical, piper takes care of you and ‘checks on you’ every time you make a peep.

you love to be thrown in the air and think rolling over from belly to back is hilarious.

you’re officially sitting up but your favorite is standing… you are SO proud of this skill and get so excited you typically flail yourself back if we’re not careful!

you can {and will} swat at absolutely anything… i’ve learned not to have wine or hot coffee anywhere close to you.

your thighs are edible.

you’re still sleeping with us… only due to logistics and the fact that we’re waiting on a camera…and i soak up every bit of it because i will so miss the snuggles when they’re gone… and so will your daddy.

you have a death grip on my hair making it near impossible to wear it down anymore.

you’re a drooling machine and i’m just waiting on those first toofers to pop on through.

bath time is your favorite and you basically wiggle yourself all over the tub c r a c k i n g yourself up THEE entire time.

you love the jumper, the princess toy + little blue elephant are your favorites.

you sleep through the night unless you’re in a growth spurt.

you startle when the girls squeal and honestly it’s the most adorable little cry, followed by the most heart-warming ‘calming committee’ of sisters running to your aid and soothe you.

you’ve started to get your feelings hurt if i walk away when you’re not expecting it…the best lip curl pout i’ve ever seen… good night, i cave every time. you’ll get away with virtually anything, i just know it.

oh my sweet little mister. you are quite literally the center of our world and you eat every single bit of it up. you’re so full of life, laughter and silliness and watching you grow every day is a privilege i don’t take lightly. i’ll never forget being so nervous about being a ‘boy mom’ and feeling like i would fail you or we wouldn’t bond but i can say so confidently that you’re everything i could ever dream + more. we are so lucky to have you in our lives and i thank god for you more times than i can count. being able to watch you turn into this goofy, precious, sweet, handsome and hilarious little boy is more than i ever dreamed it could be. you go with the flow, nap 2 hours, twice a day but are totally cool if you have to cat nap on and off through the day as i drag you around to who knows what with those big sisters.
you’re just the best. and i’ll dote on you every. single. day.

i’ll eat you up, i love you so. happy half birthday, bub. we love you.

a GINOROMOUS THANK YOU to the ever talented ivory lamb photography for capturing our sweet boy!

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photographery: ivory lamb photography

crown: little blue olive
sweat suit: carter’s

sweater: c/o pinkblush
jeans: stitch fix
booties: toms

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  1. So sweet! Happy half birthday to your sweet boy! This is a really fun age! So much learning! Love that little crown and his grin!

  2. Aw your family sounds so adorable! That stage is really fun for sure, as they begin learning their independence and gaining personality. I love all the photos you have of your kids <3

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