miller lee | four months

4 m o n t h s

who is this big kid and what happened to my baby?! there’s just something about 4 months that no longer seems real babyish…more like a real kid. i’ve said it each month but goodness gracious, this boy just is getting better and better and i never really thought that was possible.
anyone who has had the chance to meet this sweet little guy is so lucky…then understands when i say he is literally the b.e.s.t. baby in the whole world. he literally doesn’t cry unless he’s starving…and even then, i get a hard time because his ‘cry’ is more like a fuss… and i could just kiss those sweet cheeks right off him. speaking of cheeks…this happened. and WHY have i never done this!?!?! oh my goose, i’m just dying.

i feel like we’ve really really bonded over the last month and we’re officially on the same page… he has 3 very distinct cries that i can distinguish easily and we have really gotten in a great routine. here’s some highlights!

weight: 13# 2oz
height: 25in


this boy likes his sleep.
h a l l e l u j a h ! !
we’re following the principles of babywise and pretty consistently follow the sleep, feed, wake cycle. miller usually goes down somewhere between 8-9pm, i will do a ‘dream feed’ between 1030-11 that he pretty much sleeps through {i don’t change his diaper then… just feed him and lay him back down. he usually doesn’t even burp}, then he wakes between 5-6am. to eat, and will go back to sleep for at least another hour, sometimes 2 unless we’re running out the door.
as far as naps go, he usually takes one 2-3 hour nap in the morning in the swing when we’re home, or will catnap on and off in the car seat when we’re out and about.
after that, it’s usually a 30-45 minute nap before his next feeding.


homeboy has finally got some rolllllls!! they’re as cute as can be and this champ gained 18 oz this month!!
feedings have become pretty quick and from start to finish are only taking us about 25-30 minutes. since we dropped the nipple shield, breastfeeding has been SO enjoyable. most of the time it’s the only time i really get to stop and just enjoy him, so i truly cherish that time with him.
the only problem we’ve encountered is that someone is a liiiitttle picky and won’t take a bottle.
help me out! what’s your best advice?!
we’ve tried a couple of different bottles, zach has tried, i’ve tried…zero luck. the girls always had to have one bottle from the beginning with high-cal formula, so it was never a problem.. this is totally new territory and other than he just misses a feeding and then is miserable… i don’t know what else to do?! and it totally kills me because i hate throwing away breastmilk too… {insert eye roll}


so much fun!! so many new things this month…
belly laughs
rolling over front to back + back to front
the BEST smile in the whole world
i could just go on and on. he LOVES bath time, watching the girls read books to him and singing the abc’s {of course in a silly voice}. he’s getting really good at grabbing objects and putting them in his mouth and tracking people + sounds. good night, you should see this little boy’s face when he hears his daddy talking… talk about your heart exploding.
rockin 6-9 month clothes, i don’t even know what to do with a babe who is flying through sizes!! you’re following right in line with the skinny minny trend though and still can wear size 1 diapers… you’re alllll length, bud.
his daddy is his hero
his sister’s are his best friends
his mama is his biggest fan

miller lee

bubby… you just complete us. i seriously don’t remember life without you and if you only knew how much you were loved. you have two big sisters who dote over your every move whether you’re smiling or crying. you are smothered in books and blankets on the regular and you happily put up with all of our craziness.

every day you get older, my heart wishes you stayed this tiny little babe and yet makes leaps and bounds watching you discover the world around you.
you give me such baby fever and yet you are still my very teeny little boy….who is getting to be not so teeny. it seems like you’ve gained 10lbs + 10 inches this last month and we know you’re going to tower over us all before too long.
you have the greatest laugh, just like lila’s belly laugh and your’e personality seems to be shaping more and more into hers as well. you’re the perfect blend between your sisters and i swear i see piper in you every time i look at pictures… except you smile 1,000x more than she ever did, ha!
you’re so good, we take you everywhere we go, happily along for the ride. you love to be held and snuggled, but don’t mind playing on the floor or in your bouncer. so chill, you are the most perfect 3rd babe…you’re just a dream, bud.

bubby, we love you. so, so much.

4 month photo dump

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11 thoughts on “miller lee | four months

  1. I agree he is so chill and has the best laugh ever! What a lucky little boy to have been born into this family! XOXO ❤️??

  2. He is such a sweet mix of both girls! Some expressions I see Lila then I see piper ?

  3. What a handsome little guy! And lucky for everyone that he sleeps so well! We didn’t follow the eat/wake/sleep method very strictly with our first but I am really hoping to with our second because survival! Hope y’all are having a great week!

  4. He just melts me to no end. Never seen a more smiley baby. A pure joy and full of perfection. His cousins do love him and all of his grandparents love him even more! Thanks for such a gift Linds and Zach!

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