miller lee | two months

2 m o n t h s

sweet boy. i’m not sure how it’s possible but time is going by faster than it was before. i blinked and here we are, i’m a sappy mess writing all about your development. you’re the best thing that’s happened to this family of ours and honest to goodness, you’re the easiest, sweetest, most precious baby on the planet.
so much has changed in the last few weeks, i looked at you last night and thought, ‘what happened to my newborn??’ you’re already developing THE best personality and on one hand i’m so excited to watch you grow…and on the other, i just want you to stay this teeny forever and nibble those sweet cheeks for all of time.
i’m tired, living on coffee + dry shampoo, but honestly, it has more to do with those two big sisters than this little man. if i’ve said it once i’ve said it 1,000x. he’s the perfect addition to this crazy crew and he has more love than he could possibly ever know what to do with.

we’ve been in + out of the pedi’s office and really need a frequent flyer card but i’m happy to report that this big boy is growing like a weed.  while we have his official ‘2 month check-up’ next week, we got a quick glimpse at this kid’s stats and it’s safe to say he’s eating wellllllll.

unofficial stats:
weight: 10lb 2oz {birth: 8lb}
height: 24in {birth: 22in}

we really don’t have much to report on in regards to any concerns…such a welcomed change compared to something new every time we went with the girls. i always had a list of questions to ask at each appointment and now my biggest question is ‘i forget…when can i clip his fingernails??’

s l e e p

welp. don’t hate me. our baby brother is one goooood sleeper. i promise i paid my dues with the twins.. but we did get the double and triple ‘okay’ for him to be sleeping through the night! hallelujah!! most nights, he will fall asleep between 9-9:30, and i will most of the time feed him sometime between 10:30-11, then he will sleep until 530-6am. he will frequently wake up around 3am looking for his paci..but i put in his mouth and he falls right back to sleep.  every once in awhile he will wake up at that time and want to eat, so i’ll feed, burp {shout out to zach who does that most of the time!} and put him right back down.  we’re still co-sleeping with mills in the dockAtot and he LOVES it…and so do we.
i have found that the best night’s sleep come when we follow a solid bedtime routine including a shower/bath and lotion rubdown, followed by jams, a twilight feed + sleeping in his swaddleUp.
a huge difference is the amount of wake time he is getting now during the day.  he’s awake and alert after most feedings for almost a full hour and really only napping about 30 minutes before his next feeding. he usually takes one super long nap in there while we’re running errands or playing outside.

f e e d

bubby is e.a.t.i.n.g. he’s doing great gaining weight and the only time we hear any sort of protest is when i’m a hot second late for his feedings..unless he’s sleeping. he goes from happy to hangry but even then, his aunt christine makes fun of his ‘angry’ because it’s more like a ‘eh, eh, eh’. boys got some lungs though and this is the time he’ll show them off.
we’re still using a nipple shield and everyone was so helpful on instagram when i asked for some advice.  we’ll be heading to the lactation consultant at the end of the week to get some more feedback and hopefully drop that sucker soon. his schedule looks a little like this:
3am {sometimes}

honestly, we’re still kinda just playing it day by day because he’s just SO good, but i just said to zach how much i need {and want} to work on a more solid routine. don’t get me wrong, he’ll have to just go with the flow, but more of the sleep/feed/wake routine. for now it’s working for us, but as we will start to transition him to sleeping in his bed, i know how important that schedule is!

p l a y  +  d e v e l o p m e n t

goodness gracious this sweet personality is getting better + better. this little old man has THE best smile on the planet and his crooked grin gets me every single time…just like ducky. he’s just starting to find his little voice, cooing and oohing at his sisters, daddy + mama. he’s SO strong, clearly lifting that little head up as high as he can so he doesn’t miss a beat. he loves to be snuggled, held, talked to but is totally fine with playing by himself and observing the crazy. he’s found his hand and loves his paci, but again, is happy without it too! he’s the best travel buddy and has already experienced florida, tennessee + north carolina.
he’s tracking movement and his favorite toys are a little light-up silly man, the stars on his swing + the bugs on his bouncer.
he entertains the girls while they play doctor, read their bible to him and while he watches them do tumbling…he’s just simply the best baby brother.

m i l l e r   l e e

bubs, oh goodness how i love you. i had no idea what a baby boy would bring to our mix and was honestly a little nervous… you’ve softened my heart, made these crazy times so much happier, and i’ve found SO much joy watching your big sisters love on you. they are so proud to be your big sisters and you will never go a day without having a paci shoved in your mouth or a blanket smothering you 1,000x.
you’re the easiest going baby i’ve ever seen and i thank god for giving you to us just when we needed it. you knew exactly what we needed, when we needed it and you’re perfection has my heart longing for about 12 more of you.  that crooked grin like ducky, you’re ‘o’ mouth when someone is taking to you, and your wrinkled forehead when you’re concentrating so hard on something.
you’re no longer a newborn and are growing into your own little person. while i so badly want to keep you teeny forever, i am loving every second of watching you discover life. time could slow down just a liiiiittttlllleeee and i wouldn’t be upset, but i’m learning that it just keeps getting faster.
it’s about time i put those newborn sizes in the closet, but those ‘capris’ just look too cute.. really, i’m sure you’re in 0-3 but i have yet to squeeze you in them quite yet. rocking the size 1 diapers and actually getting maaaaybe a little bit of chunk..i’m still holding out but those rubber band wrists and little leg rolls are looking promising!
we’re getting the hang of our new life as a family of 5 and you fit right in making it easy as sunday morning.
we love you to the moon and back bub.

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