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we have the sweetest, newest little fishy in the pool, friends!! miller has officially started swim lessons and it could quite possibly be the cutest thing in the world.

swim lessons

if you saw a couple of weeks ago, the girls started swim lessons at goldfish swim school and have been having an absolute blast and, more importantly, learning water safety skills. i’m super excited to share more about their experience soon, but i just couldn’t not share this handsome little guys first lessons!!
the girls were SO excited to walk in and see miller’s name on the welcome sign..and i was clearly excited about this cutie patootie in a bathing suit!!

we had the girls in swim lessons when they were 6 months somewhere else, and while it was fun and something to do, i didn’t really see all that much benefit in starting them that young. what i have learned since then from goldfish, is starting kids this young with continuous and on-going lessons has SO many benefits, amongst being super fun! goldfish focuses on a set of skills for each class and works to achieve them following a specific curriculum, before the child moves on to the next class.

goldfish will start lessons at 4 months of age and we decided to start miller right away. zach is doing the classes with him and it has been an awesome time for them to bond. especially with nursing, it seems like it’s hard to set time aside for zach to have 1:1 time with just mills, making this the perfect opportunity for them to have intentional bonding time.
{miller’s class is just after the girls’ class. i take the time to give them a shower, get dressed + dry their hair, then we have a couple minutes left to play, grab a snack + their prize for the week!}

if i’m being totally honest, while i knew mills would have fun, i wasn’t convinced that he would really be learning water safety skills at such a young age. i was a skeptic, but i thought it would be something fun for us to do as a family…but. learning to swim and be comfortable in the water at such an early age reduces the chance of developing fears.
not only that, but by the end of this class, miller will be conditioned with water in his face, have breath control in an underwater dip for 5 seconds, superman glide for 3 feet {assisted}, complete an underwater jump + turn back to wall assisted {hello, important if a child falls in!!!}, hold on to the wall, crab walk to a ladder and complete an underwater dip + rollover, front to back.
guys, my 2 year olds can’t do all of that….yet. but they will. all 3 of our kids will.

our family is around water. my mom has a pool, our aunt has a pool… we go to the lake, the ocean, and countless rivers.
accidents happen, but teaching your child the necessary skills to be safe around water is invaluable and could save your child’s life.
the bonus?? the amazing facility, staff and the amount of fun that they have while learning these skills.

and yep…mills is even going down slides!
click here find your local Goldfish Swim School and get signed up now!
if you’re local to the dayton area, join us friday october 27 at Goldfish {671 Lyons Rd, Dayton, Ohio 45459} for the trunk or treat and stop by to say hi!! it’s free and open to the public… i might even have a free goodie for you, too! 🙂

a HUGE ‘thank you’ to goldfish swim school for sponsoring this post! while we receive lessons in exchange for our honest review, i can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience so far. all opinions expressed are 100% my own!
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10 thoughts on “miller starts swim lessons | goldfish swim school

  1. I’m not a parent yet, but I know I’d want to get my babes in swim lessons ASAP. I’m around water all the time too so it only makes sense to make sure they are familiar and not afraid of water. Besides, babies in swim lessons are just the cutest 🙂 Great pictures !

  2. I have some of my best memories from being a kid in swimming pools. I’m still so thankful my parents could afford to send me to swimming lessons!

  3. Wow! I honestly didn’t know you could start kids so young in swim lessons! I’m not a parent yet – but I can totally see the value in teaching your children how to be in the water as young as possible! As as side note – your children as too adorable! Thank you for sharing this post! I’ll definitely keep this in mind once I have kids!

  4. so sweet and good for you guys to make the time for lessons! I did lessons with harper when she turned 6 months and for about a year, but we haven’t made it back! ahh!

  5. So glad to see the kids learning water safety! What a terrific program. I enrolled Lindsey and Christine when they were each 6 mths old but it wasn’t as thorough. Two thumbs up!

  6. Your little swimmers are adorable! I will definitely be checking to see if there is a Goldfish Swim in our area. I hope so! We have done YMCA classes in the past but the Goldfish Swim look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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