weekend highlights

another weekend down and this one was full of fun.. and we have so many {blurry!} pictures to show for it.
we had lots of plans that got cancelled which made for the perfect weekend full of our little family… just what we needed.


friday started out pretty chaotic with some tantrums over who got princess + butterfly undies.. the woes of a 2-year old. {insert eye roll}. we wound up getting out late for our sweat4texas stroller strides class and finally met up with everyone at the second station….only to do one exercise before lila was screaming she had to poop.. ay. so. i basically worked out for all of 15 minutes. if that.

i have been falling even more in love with fit4mom stroller strides since i started {i receive free classes in exchange for my honest opinion} and my love grew even deeper when i learned how everyone was coming together to support those down in texas!
“When Hurricane Harvey waltzed across Texas it impacted 8 of our Franchise Villages. FIT4MOM has franchises (their owners, staff and members) in some of the hardest hit areas. On August 30th, the FIT4MOM franchisee community came together and started Sweat4Texas. Collectively, franchisees across the country have planned over 50 Sweat4Texas events. Our Sweat4Texas shirts are making a huge impact on our fundraising efforts – raising almost 20k in 7 days. Every penny of money raised is going directly to our Texas FIT4MOM franchisees, instructors and members who were, and continue to be, affected by Harvey’s aftermath.
There are 3 easy ways to contribute
1) Give Online: youcaring.com/sweat4texas
2) Purchase of a Sweat4Texas shirt/tank: teespring.com/stores/sweat4texas
3) Participate in our Sweat4Texas event!”

i was super excited to be a part of such an awesome event…even though i really didn’t get to do much of the workout, being a part of such a supportive community is so amazing.

after stroller strides, we headed to meet some friends from our local mother of twins club at boonshoft museum of discovery! we have passes and try to go 1-2x per month because the girls have SO much fun!

when we pulled in, piper told me she actually threw her shoe out of the car while we were at ‘the park’ sooo, someone got to walk around boonshoft in her socks. {insert eye roll.} one of those days where you feel like you’re failing at e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. i was determined to keep going…ha. so. we played, had a good time, and then had to go back and search for our missing shoe. the nicest lady, i swear an angel, asked what i was doing lying on the floor in the parking lot and actually found piper’s shoe!! woo woo!!

we made it home in time for naps while i got some 1:1 time with my sweetest little boy. after the girls woke up, we packed up and headed to the park to get some much needed energy out where zach met us! we played and climbed and had the best time.
lila has developed this fear of walking over uneven surfaces or things that she thinks are ‘scary’, so she’s been asking for some extra reassurance…well, i caught the SWEETEST interaction between them…
lila: sissy, holda ma han and make-a me bwave, pwease
piper: okay, wila, i make-a you bwave. it’s okay, see? it’s not even scah-ee!

we wrapped up the evening by grabbing dinner at a local stop on the way home and pigged out on fries, fried pickles and some sandwiches…the perfect little start to our weekend!


i usually try to go to stroller strides 3x per week and since i had missed monday’s class, i made up for it with a quite date with mills. i finally got a good workout in and it was the perfect start to the day!

we headed home to hang with my dad, stepmom + cousin who had come to hang out with the girls all day…they have SO much fun and were on cloud 9 literally the whole time. nothing like getting spoiled by grandma + grandpa for a day while zach worked on the barn and i showered…solo! fairies, swimming, a picnic lunch + treats…fun was had by all!

after a full day of playing, zach and i decided to head out for some chips + a marg…but were distracted when we drove through town to find a festival! i’m a sucker for live music, street food and fun, so we unloaded the circus, had such a fun dinner and the girls had an absolute blast running up and down a super steep hill.

we got back and threw mills in the tub for a quick bath and thennnn the most precious sound in the whole world filled the room. if you missed it, you HAVE to take 15 seconds to listen to miller’s first laugh… to. die. for….i keep trying to get him to laugh again, but apparently he’s saving it only for his daddy + the bath tub!

literally the perfect night with my crew.


sunday started out bright and early with a certain someone waking at 4 for an early breakfast, so i soaked up some extra snuggles while the house was still quiet.

we wrangled everyone up in time to make it to the 9:30 service at church and even got to meet up with some friends…the girls are finally starting to get the hang of being in the nursery and there weren’t too many tears shed this time..and zero accidents! woo woo! piper tends to be very shy and won’t ask to use the potty if needed, ending with an accident…progress.
we had to run some errands after church, so we stopped for some happy meals while daddy ran some errands.
nap time was filled with chores…including a MUCH needed deep clean of the van.

when everyone woke up, we headed right outside to take full advantage of the last few days of summer weather… this crazy girl cracks me up. a mitten, undies + sunnies… looks about right.
we ended the weekend with a spontaneous pizza dinner with mammaw and pappaw… the girls {and us!} get so excited when we get a surprise call with “hey, can we bring pizza and hang out?!”…”YES!!” so many lovies and so much fun, we’re certainly spoiled in the grandparent department.

it was a full weekend of family fun…i hope you had a great weekend as well!

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  1. All I can say, is that we are definitely blessed for all the chaosand the time log of mommy to keep track of the time we lose in a blink of an eye.

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