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if you’ve ever breastfed a baby… or in one of my nightmares, exclusively pumped + bottle fed… you know the sacrifice + commitment it is to feed your baby breastmilk. i am a firm believer that fed is best and while i have run the gamut in feeding my babes, from formula to using a pump + bottles to breastfeeding, miller has thus far exclusively been fed breast milk. the first time he took a bottle, he was a little over 12 weeks old and it wasn’t until he was 4.5-5 months that he really would semi-willingly not throw a hissy fit if that was his only option…he certainly knows what he likes! i still have yet to successfully feed him from a bottle but zach pretty much has it down along with a handful of other family members.

one of my least favorite parts of this first year with babes is the necessity of the pump. the dreaded pump. with the girls, i was constantly pumping and felt like their was a chain i dragged around all the time…i pumped after each nursing session and then offered a bottle, often feeling like i was missing out on so many of the special moments because i was plugged in to a wall. i had a ridiculous bag full of bottles and parts and i’ll never forget the days i spent at work with the infamous ‘pumping sound’… by the time i got done washing the parts, it was time to start nursing, then pumping + offering a bottle all over again.
to say i despised ‘the pump’ would be an understatement.

so around 12 weeks, when our pediatrician asked if i had pumped at all so zach and i could have a date…it was a big, fat ‘nooope.’ every time i thought about pulling the pump out, i came up with another excuse because i just hated it. i eventually figured he was probably right that i should at least have something…just in case. so i pulled it out and yep, it was just as bad as i remembered…only now i had 2 toddlers to turn dials and surge that nipple-sucking power into overdrive.
it’s real glamorous, y’all.

what i’ve learned since then is that it really doesn’t have to be that bad.
when i had the opportunity to team up with motif medical to review the motif duo, i was super excited because rumor had it that it was lightweight, yet powerful. basically everything mama needs and guys, i’m so excited to share it with you!!

i honestly couldn’t believe when i first pulled out this pump how light weight it was.
the sleek design is aesthetically pleasing and while that’s not as important to me, the first time i used it, it worked so well, i was totally sold. the motif duo is the perfect breast pump for busy, on the go mamas, just like you and me. it is so easy to operate and charges so fast, there’s no need to fuss around with battery packs or sitting plugged into a wall while the rest of the world happens around you.

i’ve pumped in the car, at meetings, while cooking breakfast and at night beside a sleeping babe. it’s just that good.

key features of the motif duo pump:

– lightweight {less than 1lb} + portable
– single or double pumping option
– stays charged for over 2.5 hours
– rechargeable battery
– 10 suction levels
– 3 modes {expression, massage + memory}
– large backlight LCD screen with a timer {yaaaas!!}
– probably my favorite… it’s QUIET!!!

motif duo pump

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i had mentioned after i first received the motif duo that my first experience using it was at a twin mom event. when people actually discovered what i was doing, i received multiple comments wanting to see my pump because they couldn’t believe i was actually pumping because it was just that quiet. as i’ve continued to use it, i keep hearing similar comments.

so how do you get your hands on one?!
it’s easy.
in 2013, the ACA required insurance companies to cover the cost of breast pumps. aeroflow breast pumps supplies those pumps, including the motif duo, and takes care of the process for you…and let me tell you from experience, it’s a HUGE pain to navigate on your own.
i was actually shocked to see that the motif duo isn’t as expensive as what i was expecting, so if you had to buy out of pocket, in the realm of breast pumps, you need this one.

becoming ‘mama’ is one of the most exciting adventures that seems to have a never-ending cycle of learning curves. with every new milestone comes a new list of concerns and ways that you sacrifice yourself’s easy to get caught up in those moments and miss the joy. but these three babes are the most precious gifts i have ever been blessed with and these moments? they all too quickly turn in to memories, so i’m most certainly not going to miss them.

thank you to motif medical for sponsoring this post! as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.
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