Work It Out 

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Good morning! I crawled out of bed this morning to get Piper, feet hit the floor and I grabbed my tush… Phew, it’s been awhile since that soreness has been there. (if you want to skip the ... Read More

Weekend Round-up

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Good morning and happy Monday! Is it just me or are you dying for this spring weather to come back?! My tulips all took a hurtin this weekend with the frost and SNOW!! It is April and this girl isn... Read More

Friday Favs #4

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Happy April  Fools Day!! What good pranks are going on that you are doing or have heard about?! While I don’t typically partake in all of the days festivities, I always get a kick out of hearin... Read More

Blessed {Easter}

Holy moly, Monday! I drug myself out of bed this morning with a heart full of gratitude and humbleness as  I poured myself a cup of iced coffee, filled my water bottle, and grabbed the girls to bring... Read More