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i can’t even believe labor day is this weekend and with that comes the unofficial end of summer!! it’s so fun seeing my family, friends and blogging mama’s get ready for the school year, kiss their sweet littles ones goodbye and send them into the new school year!! it actually kinda makes me want to throw up knowing that next year we’ll be sending our big sister girls to preschool…bah. 365 more days to soak up every moment. why does that seem like it’s tomorrow?! i guess i’ll just have to have more babies…kidding, zach. kinda.

with the new school year, that also means our usual playground hangs clear out and we have the whole place to run a muck with our crazy crew…thank goodness so no one can watch me fumble 3 kids, trying to nurse in a carrier while kissing boo-boos, holding a 2 year old on the monkey bars and all of our other shennanigans.
we’re a circus, folks.

although we’re not sending the girls off to school this year, we take FULL advantage of all the back to school sales and stocking up on fall clothes. i’m always amazed at how much more buying for 2 is…it should just make sense, but every time, i’m shocked. i always try to buy functional pieces that the girls can wear hard. so when skecher’s reached out asking if we were interested in shoes from their fall line, i was SO excited because we had already had a pair of skechers sneaks that we loved! i was so bummed when their last pair had gotten too small and was actually planning to get them a new pair… so i was super excited to have the opportunity!! skechers also has a super fun line of the trendy emoji’s that would be a hit on the playground!

these sneaks are a fan favorite in our house, not only because they are beyond adorable, but the girls love the fact that they can now put them on all by themselves! we actually had a major meltdown when they arrived in the mail because i wouldn’t let lila sleep in them… the memory foam makes them so comfortable and they even fit on the girls skinny feet!
i usually try to have a pair of sneaks that are their ‘play out in the garden + get messy’ shoes and then a pair of sneaks that we go out in public with.  because of piper’s gross motor delays, she needs supportive shoes that fit her and stay on her feet, so these are a total mama win!

we’re seriously excited for some fall park fun..and really any excuse at all to wear our ‘supa coo sneeeeaks’ {according to the girls}…if you need us, you know where to find us!

happy back to school, friends! have a great year!

tanks + shorts
shoes c/o
pink bow
yellow piggy bows

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9 thoughts on “rockin the playground | back to school

  1. Great post Lindsey! And I totally agree with how awesome Sketchers are – for kids AND for adults. With my SI joint issue that’s all I wear and they have saved my life, literally from daily pain to no pain. Thank you Sketchers!

  2. Your girls are beautiful and they look so adorbs in their matching outfits. I’ve always been a fan of sketchers, their products are so good. Congrats on the new addition.

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