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**i was given product in exchange for this review, however, results don’t lie. i am hardly a salesperson and try to keep this space as transparent as possible…but i now believe in this product after using harsh {like accutane..} products for my face. a huge thank you to kendall for allowing me to experience rodan + fields!**

if you’ve been on any form of social media over the last few years, had a conversation with girl friends… or basically been anywhere other than under a rock, you have surely heard of rodan + fields. i’ll be honest, i was a little skeptical since i first started hearing about r+f, thinking it was another skin care line promising to clear blemishes, fix those fine lines, etc. even all the before and after pictures on Facebook weren’t quite enough to totally change my mind, but i did want to give it a shot.
let’s start from the beginning.
growing up, i had perfect skin. honestly, i rarely had a pimple and throughout high school, my skin was sensitive, but i never used anything other than drug store products and my skin was great. fast forward to college and let me tell you a little story. my mom and dad came up to visit me and in the elevator on the way up to my room my dad says, ‘what’s wrong with your face?!’ it was all hormones but good night had my skin gone down the drain.

i tried everything and eventually wound up on accutane.
if you don’t know what that is, it is a prescription medicine for acne that is so strong you have to be on two forms of birth control, take monthly pregnancy tests and online questionnaires before they release the next dose saying you can’t get pregnant, have bloodwork done throughout treatment to monitor various levels and then had to agree to not get pregnant for a year after treatment.  while i wasn’t even remotely trying to get pregnant, it gives you an idea of how hard it is on your system..and that just can’t be healthy.
after treatment, my acne was better, but i still had regular breakouts and it always got worse with hormonal changes.

with both of my pregnancies, my skin would, once again, take a turn for the worse and i battled regular breakouts like i was 16…at 29 years old.
this time around, i was determined to try something different.

very old friend of mine {like 20+ years}, kendall, started selling r+f and i kept seeing her posts pop up. she had reached out but i really just wasn’t ready make the plunge.
when i got pregnant with miller, i finally had had enough and contacted herto say i was ready to give it a try.

after discussing my skin + goals with kendall, then taking the skin care solution tool, kendall recommended i use the unblemish routine.

because i was pregnant, i brought a list of the ingredients to my ob and had him look it over to make sure all of it was safe {and i would highly recommend you to do the same if you are pregnant} and when he gave me the clear, i was ecstatic to get things going!
within just a few weeks, i started noticing a difference in my skin.


unblemish regimen
the unblemish regimen features a 4-step process including:
acne treatment sulfur wash
clarifying toner
dual intensive acne treatment
oil control lotion {spf 20}

“A complete Multi-Med® Therapy solution, the UNBLEMISH Regimen is clinically tested to help stop blackheads and pesky pimples before they become visible on your skin’s surface. Found to combat the entire acne cycle, this Regimen helps unclog pores, calm your complexion and keep acne from making unwelcome appearances. UNBLEMISH Regimen combines cosmetic and active over-the-counter ingredients to penetrate pores and eliminate most acne blemishes.”

side note.. i have also been gifted the essentials body lotion, sunscreen lip balm, + sunless tanner over the past 3 years or so and i continue to ask for more… the lip balm has made it into a friday favs..or two.. and i’ve talked plenty about the sunless tanner too… i would honestly stand behind any of these products!!


dr. katie rodan + dr. kathy fields created r+f to give everyone access to dermatology inspired skincare to experience the personal confidence that comes with a healthy, clear, even-toned complexion.  approaching the whole face to address skincare concerns, they developed multi-med therapy…think right ingredients, right formulations and right order.

for me, the greatest thing is that they stand behind their products.
all regimens/products are a 2-month supply when used 2x each day {although i used mine very sparingly and it has lasted almost double of that..}. AND every purchase comes with an incredible empty bottle, 60 day, money-back guarantee.


guys, i’m so excited about this!! kendall has so kindly offered to give any of my readers who complete the skin care consultation {and emails it to themselves} the chance to win an essentials foaming sunless tan + essentials broad spectrum body sunscreen {a $52 value!}. you can fill out the form HERE!

want to learn more?! you can view kendall’s website HERE or email her HERE to see how she can help you get the perfect regimen for your skin needs.


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3 thoughts on “rodan + fields | a review + giveaway

  1. I have heard such great things about this company. Now that I’m a bit older **cough33cough** I’ve started to realize that I need to try to take better care of my skin. Maybe I’ll look into this more, I know a few people who sell.

  2. I’ve heard of this company but haven’t really looked much into it! You’re skin has totally improved! I need to check them out asap!

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