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shopping with toddlers… twin toddlers + 1 infant actually… we make a scene wherever we go.
it’s chaos and i’m constantly on the hunt for things that will make my life easier while we get the hang of doing every day life things. don’t get me wrong, it’s always a lot of work and i think i’d lose my mind without zach’s help..but summer is more than halfway over and i’m eventually going to have to do this whole 3 babes gig solo..but let’s not talk about that right now.
most of the time, i try to use services like curbside pickup, amazon prime, and i’m even wanting to try the shipt service. when i do have to go to the store though, i try to be as organized as possible, have my list made, coupons ready and be as efficient as possible.

a handful of times i’ve found myself wandering around the grocery, unprepared with the girls and i wind up wanting to pull my hair out. it’s always those trips that i wind up at home realizing that i forgot the one thing i went to the store to get. *smack forehead*
..and don’t get me wrong, even when i have everything together, we still occasionally wind up with screaming fits and i am most definitely sweating like a high school football player.  we’re not perfect and i rarely make it through without a big *sigh*…but boy, when we make it through, i sure feel victorious!

over the last two years, i have discovered products + tips that just make my life easier..many of which i i so wish i had when the girls were itty bitty.

binxy baby

this is totally one of those things i wish i had when the girls were teeny. binxy baby is a cart hammock that elevates baby so you don’t lose all the needed space when you’re shopping for a family of 5.  while it fits most standard shopping carts, to me, the biggest perk is that if miller is sleeping or i just don’t have enough hands {when do i ever?}, this safely allows me to keep him in his carseat, holding up to 50lbs! woo woo! he absolutely loves the elevated reclining position and is so fascinated by the overhead lights and everything to look at in the store… he didn’t make a peep the entire time!

a backpack diaper bag

this is something i discovered early on with the girls… when you have two babes, you just don’t have enough hands to be fussing with a diaper bag. i have been through 3 diaper bags and i finally have found one that i’m obsessed with and will last me for years. this lily jade backpack is by far one of my favorite baby items and it was worth every penny…actually it was a christmas gift, but. you get what i’m saying. they have no idea who i am, but if you’re in the market for a good backpack diaper bag…look no further!
having a backpack diaper bag allows for your hands to be free without taking up room in your shopping cart… win win!


there’s a couple of things i make sure to have in stock… applesauce pouches, mini packs of raisins, and smarties.  this can easily be adjusted to whatever your kids like…but, the less mess the better and never ever attempt a grocery trip without something to keep those big toddler eyes from thinking they need every items off the shelf.


another item i make sure to have in stock…stickers!! in the last 6 months-ish, the girls have become obsessed with stickers.  fun tip: if your toddlers aren’t great at getting stickers off the sheet yet, take the surrounding sticker part off of the sheet so the only part left are the actual stickers.  it helps tiny fingers bend and pick up those stickers.  i try to switch up which kinds i have and just tear the sheet off. be prepared to peel stickers off everything…knees, the cart, myself, etc…but it’s harmless and takes me all of 30 seconds to get them off before i return the cart. totally worth it.

timing feedings

this is more of a tip, but with an infant, you quickly learn that timing feedings is everything. if i only have miller, i will time it to get to the store, feed him in the car and then do my grocery trip. it usually allows me enough time to get back home and unpacked before i have to feed him again.  if i have the girls, i will time it so i have the girls totally ready, feed miller, get him in his car seat, take the girls potty one last time then it’s a race to get in and out of the store.

question: what’s your number one trick for shopping with littles?!

thank you to binxy baby for providing the shopping cart hammock for my honest review. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own!


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