snow ice cream + weekend fun

good morning and happy monday! the weekend flew and i’m already wanting to get a few days back!

we had an awesome weekend filled with a mixture of fun with friends + relaxing with the kids. friday after zach got home we filled our bellies with the most delicious 21 day fix tortellini soup. i’ll share the recipe later this week because it turned out to be one of my favorite recipes i’ve ever made! the night was complete with a movie night with the girls and we all snuggled in early.
saturday we hung at home while zach had class during the day, but then had the opportunity to grab a sitter while we had an adults night out! we had SO much fun dressing up and getting in full costume for a vintage 20’s cocktail party at a friends! every detail was carefully planned out and we had a blast… side note. we went to dinner before the party and the number of times i said ‘i don’t usually go out with a feather on my head’…we were quite the sight!
sunday was a real easy day at home with the exception of sneaking out to get my nails done. it was just what we needed to hang at home after a night out!

lots of questions about my dress…you can find it on amazon HERE for $30 with the accessory kit! {i left my gloves at home…devastated!}

snow ice cream

apparently i’ve been living under a rock because i had never heard of snow ice cream! a quick search on pinterest for snow activities over the weekend pulled up tons of pins for snow ice cream and i can now see why!! literally the easiest thing to make and it was DELICIOUS!

ready for it?? here’s the ‘recipe’ if you can even call it that…

add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk to about 12 c. of snow….


the girls loved it because they literally did the entire thing by themselves!
after they stirred and stirred and i was busy taking pictures, it got a little soupy, so i did go ahead and add in about 3 more cups. i think it just depends on how fluffy the snow is, but just add a bit more until it’s thicker!
you can also add in a teaspoon or so of vanilla if you want!

by the time they were down to the bottom, it had become soupy so they drank the rest and of course licked the bowl!
it makes quite a bit, so stick the bowl back outside in the snow and cover and it will harden right back up…zach and i polished off the whole bowl!


hooded tee
flower bow
leather clip



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7 thoughts on “snow ice cream + weekend fun

  1. i love your outfit for the party! but oh wow, i kind of forgot about snow ice cream! my grandpa would make it for us.. i never had it with cute toppings though! definitely going to have to try this with my daughter when she’s a little older.

  2. Okay, first of all you look amazing and I can’t believe that dress was so inexpensive!! great score! And your girls are adorable! We’ve never made snow ice cream either, if we get any snow this season I’ll have to try it with my kiddos!

  3. I grew up in New Mexico, where we admittedly didn’t get much snow. But there was one year when we got a ton, and my mom made us snow ice cream. I still remember the awe and excitement of making and eating it! So much fun!!!

  4. What an awesome dress! You look gorgeous! This is such a darling dessert for Winter. I’ll have to remember this for our next snow day!

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